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PRESS RELEASE: TAI, IASBA Initiates a Global Celebration of Luther King Day

Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King


THE HAGUE, International Martin Luther King Day, 18th January 2021; 2000H C.E.T. will celebrate the journey of civil rights to human rights with an online event.

This day will be commemorated with a virtual panel discussion and live service activities with the Black Diamonds Ghana Chapter; Mwalimu K-q Amsata; Ahuma Bosco Ocansey; Vamba Sherif; Dr. Njeri;Lisbeth Peroti; Kenyan showcase by Njihia Njoroge; Ghanaianshowcase and event moderation by Anokwale Anasesemfo.

The Teaching Artists Institute Baltimore, Maryland (USA); International African School and Business Academy (The Netherlands) and International Civil Rights Center and Museum North Carolina (USA are the main organizers of this online event. The event is open to the public across the world.

“Service is important, and at this critical moment in the history of Global Africans, liberation will only come through service to our people. The Teaching Artist Institute creates opportunities for us to connect and be narrators of our own stories. This service is foundational” – Teaching Artists Institute Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

“We are each other’s caretaker. That is the best service to humanity”, Odilia A. Okonga, founder of the International African School and Business Academy (The Netherlands) said.


Press Contact

Netherlands: Odilia. A. Okonga; +31 6 2000 0633;

USA: Kim Poole; +1 443 739 0941;

Online Event Details:                

Meeting ID: 949 1588 7415

Passcode: 092150

About the Organizers

International African School and Business Academy (IASBA), NL. (Afrikaanseschool)

African School’s mission is to disseminate African culture and History with the aim of highlighting the contribution of Africa to the general progress of humanity.

International African School is a place for regeneration and reclaiming of the African cultural and the value of its historical content and context. It provides a space to validate what has been invalidated for centuries.

For more information go to:

Teaching Artist Institute (TAI) USA.

In August 2014 Soul-Fusion teaching artist Kim Poole arrived in Nigeria with a mission to empower women to celebrate their resilience and encourage cross-cultural communication & peacebuilding through the Music for Change concert series. From this launch pad the Teaching Artist Institute was birthed and the Mission Music workshop series its first brainchild.

For more information go to:

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