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Bridgestone Miracle: Officer’s wife deliver 6 babies at once, after 8 Years of Marriage.

Bridgestone Miracte as officers wfe deliver 6 babies at once after 8 years of marriage
Bridgestone Miracte as officers wfe deliver 6 babies at once after 8 years of marriage

Wife of a police officer in Rivers State, Mrs. Akhimien Joyce Funke has delivered 6 kids after 8 years of infertility, at Bridgestone Hospital Port Harcourt situated at Aluu Junction Rukpokwu by C4i Police Checkpoint.

 Bridgestone hospital a 25 bed hospital located in a serene environment along the Port Harcourt Airport road, at Aluu Junction founded in 2007 has continued to create a niche for itself in the method of assisted reproduction, as they have recorded consisted success with In vitro fertilization (IVF), thereby cementing its place as one of the top medical centers providing medical solution to infertility.

 Last 2 years ,a woman delivered quadruplets at the same hospital, and many have had their dream of multiple offspring’s accomplished with high rate success, conquering their infertility issues via this method, couples facing such challenges are now a bit relieved knowing that there is a lasting solution to this infertility complication.

 Akhimien Bright Iyobosa the police officer and husband to Mrs. Joyce was overwhelmed with joy for the relief of the successful birth, after waiting for 8years of marriage for kids to call his own, though he seemed a bit downcast that one of the newborn didn’t make it through resuscitation, but he is still elated that he has 4 male and a female child to raise having lost the second baby girl via birth complications.

 Barrenness and  infertility challenges in marriage has been a source of social trauma in marriages in Nigeria, as women who are always at the receiving end of the blames for childlessness in marriage always resort to all means of resources for solution to the problem.

 The recent advancement in fertility science has been pivotal in reassuring women and their partners struggling with the problem of infertility with hope of possible solutions to their problem, though the cost for embarking on the artificial insemination procedure remains a barrier to a whole lot of under-privileged couples facing same challenges.

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