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Don Perry Fulfills Promise of Spanish Experience in Imo with SK Extension

Don Perry Spanish Kingdom Extention
Don Perry Spanish Kingdom Extention

This Saturday the 30th of January 2021, the Spanish Kingdom Resort and Apartment Extension will open with a bang as Mr. Onyeka Ogbatu (Don Perry) ,the Chairman of Spanish Kingdom Group, a hospitality, real estate and wine production conglomerate will fulfill his promise of introducing the Spanish luxuries and way of life to Imo hospitality industry, with the opening of his SK Extension with an all white pool party.

 Don Perry completed the first Spanish Kingdom suite and apartment edifice ,at the Spanish Kingdom Avenue off the Owerri –Onitsha   express behind Dangote Depot as a sneak peak to what is to come, the teaser of the first experience which was redefining, spurred the fast commencement and completion of the SK Resort and Apartment Extension built on the space of more than 2 acre of land.

 The SK Apartment and Suites Extension edifice that will be opened this Saturday with an all white pool party consists of 2 bedroom apartments with a creative and recreation hub which is the first of such in the eastern region of the nation, it features a semi-indoor pool, a natural garden created on a spacious area of the property, exclusive V.V.I.P Lounge, Gym and Tennis Court.

 Expectations are high from socialites and big time ballers on the specialties and luxurious comfort to be expected from the newly built SK Extension, but all are confident in the quintessential abilities of Don Perry to deliver something classical and exquisite as a well known keeper of promise.

Educational, cultural and recreational exchange is on the rise globally , as we can buy Chinese medicine in a local pharmacy in Owerri and eat a Turkish or Lebanese dish in a restaurant in our locality. Man is a social creature designed by nature to live with others and there is no satisfaction to the desire of man’s heart to have a feel of something different or enjoy a new experience especially at no extra cost.

 This need for the fulfillment of a new adventure, is what Spanish Kingdom Apartment and Suites is solidifying in Owerri as its new concept of infusing Spanish hospitality class into the booming recreation and tourism business in Owerri, the Imo Capital is changing the narrative.

 The Spanish Kingdom All white Pool Party is going to be a bomb as it’s making national waves and has caught attention of all major players in the happening cities of Nigeria, who will be trouping in their numbers to have the first taste of the enhanced Spanish Experience in the eastern heartland.

 The Host and strategic partners of the event has hinted on the need for all intending participants to observe the Covid-19 protocols as all facilities to enhance its observation will be made available at the entrance of the SK Resort and Apartment ,which has complied and operated on the  “No Face Mask ,No Entry”  edict since last year.

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