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Neighbours Worried Over A Missing Nurse Allegedly linked to ESN

Uneasiness has become everyone’s companion, as pockets of violence are still being reported after many months of serial gun duel between members of the unknown gun men, alleged to be members of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) a para military offshoot of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) ,and Nigeria’s security forces in the southern part of the nation, especially in the states of Imo, Rivers, Enugu and Abia.

Despite seeming to be cooling off, the debacle has taken a new twist from broad daylight shoot outs to tracing and killing each other’s accessory’s in a list that has included Local Vigilantes, Government appointees and even nurses rendering medical assistant to some of the freedom agitators with bullet wounds.

 The unknown gun men who are alleged to be Eastern Security Network members, recently went on a beheading spree as they have left dismembered remains of people they accused of giving information to police and government operatives, while in an effort to foil further attacks, the police and the government security operatives has been arresting people randomly in the affected communities, and were recently fingered in the killing of a nurse that was giving medical help to injured members of the unknown Gun men.

 Few days ago members of a community in Obiagu Awkunanaw Community of Enugu state, raised alarm over the lengthy disappearance of Mr. Sunday Ugwu and his wife Mrs. Ngozi Ugwu an auxiliary nurse said to be in charge of secretly providing medical treatment for the injured members of the group whose Biafran agitation has turned bloody in recent times.

After a mixed team of military and other security operatives raided the secret camp of the Eastern Security Network (ESN) of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra (IPOB), at Akpawfu Community in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu State on Friday, killing several members of the groups in July.

The members of the community has called attention to the disappearance of the mother of 6, her disappearance occurred in July after a special team of counter-insurgency forces stormed their home.

 Neighbours have said that Mrs. Ngozi Ugwu narrowly escaped the wrath of the Nigerian soldiers upon the invasion of their house on the 13th of July, 2021. As her friend that came visiting at the time of the incident was arrested by the police, reliable sources has confirmed that the friend in still in detention.

 Since the unfortunate incident, Nurse NG as fondly called by her neighbours has not been seen in the vicinity, and her neighbours are concerned over her safety and well being , as another nurse who was simply identified as Chichi was allegedly shot dead by Nigeria security agents, during the invasion of a suspected hideout of unknown gun men,for the same accusation of giving treatment to the injured members of the group in River’s state

 Words from the grapevine indicates that Mrs. Ugwu  has an unusual relationship with members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), who were operating a secret camp in her community that was recently invaded by the security forces, her husband is also being rumored to be one of the financial pillars of the agitators while she serve as their secret physician.

 Mr. Sunday Ugwu’s whereabouts has been unknown for a while even before the invasion of his home, as his friend Mr. Felix Okechukwu aka ‘Akaonyewetara’ was beheaded by purported members of the Eastern Security Network for acts of betrayal , there are no facts or stories indicating that Mr. Ugwu has fallen out with the agitators that he is alleged to a pillar of support. The disappearance of Mrs. Ugwu after security forces stormed their home is raising more questions than answers and the residents of Obiagu Awkunanaw community are distraught over this development.

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