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Medical Negligence: Types of Birth Injury And What You Can Do About It


Giving birth should be one of the best days of your life. It can often be a time of uncertainty, but one thing all parents hope for is a happy and healthy new-born.

However, sometimes life throws a curveball and your baby is not delivered at one hundred percent health. Some of these complications will fade as your child grows but others can be more permanent.

These health issues are often an unfortunate side-effect of the development process or the result of a pre-existing condition. On some occasions, complications during labour or birth injuries can be a result of medical negligence. How can we tell if this is the case?

What Counts As Medical Negligence

The term medical negligence is given to cases where a doctor, or other medical professional, provides substandard care, resulting in further health complications.

When discussing medical negligence in relation to childbirth, it can relate to birth injuries or the failure to spot health issues of a baby in the womb. Doctors are trained to provide only the best medical care possible which can often mean that failure to do so is down to negligence.

Common Examples Of Birth Injury

Birth injuries can cover a wide range of different health issues. One common example is forceps bruising. This phenomenon occurs when the forceps used on delivery are pinched too tightly, causing bruises to form on the baby’s skin. These injuries are often minor and will heal with time, but there are other more serious birth injuries.

Fractures can occur during labour. Your baby may be breached which means that they must be delivered upside down. A common complication in breached babies is bone fractures, most commonly the clavicle bone. This injury takes longer to heal and can be a sign that your doctor was not paying attention.

Then you have the irreversible effects, such as paralysis or brain damage. These birth injuries are often a result of the baby being starved of oxygen during delivery. It is a difficult position to find yourself in, and there are actions that you can take if you feel that medical negligence has directly impacted the health of your baby.

What Can You Do About Medical Negligence?

All professionals can be held accountable when it comes to medical negligence. That is why there are systems in place to help parents if they feel that they have been negatively affected because of a doctor’s behaviour.

Taking a person to court and suing for damages may be the best course of action in these circumstances. It is worth researching similar cases, and discussing the events with professionals in the field before proceeding with a court case. Solicitors are in place to advise you about what action you can take, and what you can expect as a result from proving medical negligence.


The birth of your child is supposed to be one of the best times of your life, so don’t let medical negligence ruin this special time. If you find yourself a victim of medical negligence during labour, you can rest in the knowledge that there are processes in place to help you move on.

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