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Reasons To invest in real estate in Lagos-Ruby Realtors


There are so many reasons why investing in Lagos stands to be the best decisions you would make and here are a few of them

A: population;
Lagos is a beautiful city located in Nigeria. A population is a significant engine of development for real estate and Lagos is the most populated state in Nigeria. It’s one of the most inhabited cities in Africa and the world. It has been estimated that at least more than 100 people move every hour to Lagos , which makes it more than 2000 every day and almost a million people every year. It is a perfect place for people looking for accommodations, businesses, offices etc. Lagos has been predicted to become the worlds most populated city in 2050.

B: Industrial city of Nigeria:
Lagos is still the most industrious city of Nigeria and leads when it Comes to business. Lagos is the host of more than 3000 manufacturing businesses, 500 financial institutions and it is the biggest concentration for small and medium sized businesses. It’s also good for foreign investors and investments.

C: Home for all classes of people:
Lagos is the home where you can find both the middle and high class people . Both middle class can invest in land and quality housing due to the vibrant economy.

D: Property value:

Lagos is a good location for investment due to the rate of return on investment (ROI) on real estate properties. A plot of land bought for 10 million Naira in Lekki in the year 2008 can be sold at 80 million now.

E : High demand of rental properties:

A lot of home owners and land owners are already developing rental properties due to their ability to quickly provide a return on their investment as well as large population ready for rent once the construction is completed.

Note: banks also offers good mortgage plans for investors. In conclusion you can never go wrong with real estate investments in Lagos as Nigeria is the 7th most populous nation in the world and Lagos is the biggest city in Africa.

Ruby Realtor is a leading real estate agency in Lagos Nigeria which have sold over 100 properties and aims at making sure that it’s clients are fulfilled with their purchase as they aim at building not just a successful clientele but a family of developers, so with them you automatically becomes family.

For more enquirers contact :
Instagram: @ruby_ _ realtor

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