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MoreEgoLessLove? Outrage as Wizkid Disappoints Ghana Fans

After back to back sold out shows in Europe, Grammy nominations and winnings in the recent time, Big Wiz has been steady on top of the social waves and steering his brand to the top of global music act as one of the biggest artist of African origin.

Saturday the 10th of December 2022 was to present another opportunity for Wizkid to keep enhancing his recent success with his debut show in the city of Accra dubbed WIZKID LIVE ,  the Afrobeat sensation is in Accra in huge anticipation of gracing the show and putting out an extra ordinary performance.

He was spotted in nightclubs in the city a night before the main event to further accelerate the sureness of his presence, but alas at the main night he was nowhere to be found.

Some pundits and analyst believe that the alleged low turnout of fans to the event, discouraged him from performing at his own show last night. Since then outrage of  blames and disappointments are on a high crescendo in the social media space in Ghana as some angry fans are even calling for Wizkid’s arrest.

Who is to be blamed?  the organisers for not putting up a good publicity campaign to ensure the public participation  as alleged? or should the seeming tight economic situation in Ghana be blamed for the low turnout of people to the show?  it’s obvious that youths or students who are uncertain of their next dinner won’t be so keen of spending  their  money on an event ticket or should  Wizzy be blamed for making worse a bad situation, by  not performing , choosing his self and brand over the agony of his fans, while he is recently on the mission of preaching More Love  Less Ego.

Sometimes in events that large participation of people are needed, one as an organizer  even when not in anticipation of  a low turn up ,should  gauge your poor ticket sales and know when to  activate an already half implemented  back up plan, which could be free tickets or bus rides for students from their hostels to the show ground.

We are still trying to understand Wizkid’s rationale of not performing to a low crowd turn out, forgetting that those that came are his true fans, the ones that truly care about him and in desperate need of watching  him do his thing .

He has let his main fans down for those that cared less about his person or his debut show in Ghana, and many ask, is this now not  a case of More Ego and Less Love.

Everyone is In anticipation mode for Wizkid’s side of the story and clarification on why he backed out from an event that he was in town for, stay tuned.

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