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BetterLifers Celebrates DG,Pause Campaign in Commiseration with Party

Modest Osakwe
Modest Osakwe

As  scheduled the Better Life Campaign Train of Modestus Osakwe kicked off on the 12th of January 2023  and received a wondrous acclaim  by the people of Isu who are optimistic ,hopeful and promised their commitment to ensure that Isu is  redeemed from the claws of ineffective representation.

The Historic event on which the better life and future of Isu people as a state Constituency will be driven to accomplishment on March 11 2023, was anchored at the residence of Hon. Francis  Onyechefule as all the Better Life campaign structure from the DG to the Patrons, Spokesperson , Directors,  Women Leader, Babes Leader, Youth Leader Better Life Media and the insurmountable Super 11 were all attendance in solidarity to the rural and urban dream of Hon. Modestus Osakwe  the Better Life vision Bearer.

Hon. Modestus Abiazie Osakwe while flagging off the campaign and unveiling his campaign materials reiterated his commitment to make Isu State Constituency a center of excellence with his three points agenda which hinges on EDUCATION FOR ALL, SKILL ACQUISITION AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENTS, IMPROVING THE LIVING STANDARD OF THE PEOPLE through sustainable economic bills and motions and tickling National and International contacts for gainful partnership in employment and general common good.

The Better life  Campaign Train after brief deliberations and harmonization of  nitty gritty of the campaign events , embarked on another important activity of the day  which is a visit to the palace of  HRH C.O Nnajiemere  (EZE UDO II, OMANZE OF AMURIE OMANZE).  Where   Hon. Modestus  Osakwe the candidate of PDP for IMHA, Isu State Constituency received the collective blessing of NDI EZE ISU.

Notably present were; the Royal Fathers in Isu, the Deputy State Chairman of PDP; Sir Martins Ejiogu, LGA Party Chairman and Officers, Campaign Council Chairmen and Coordinators. Speaking at the Palace, Hon. Modestus Osakwe highlighted the qualities that make him the most outstanding candidate and his preparedness for the task of renewing the people’s hope on democracy and its governance with effective representation.

In the midst of all the excitement following the commencement of Modestus Osakwe’s long walk to Imo House of Assembly, the Better Lifers didn’t forget to pour encomium and good wishes to the DG of the Better Life Hon. Kingsley Mbagwu whose birthday celebration coincided with the Campaign kick off season, prayers for long life and good wishes poured in all from all better lifers in all parts of the Isu Constituency and beyond, in appreciation of the lofty aspirations and impeccable man management prowess of the DG.

As further reported by Modest Media, on 13th January 2023, the PDP candidate for Imo State House of Assembly, Isu State Constituency Hon. Modest Osakwe commenced his Booth to Booth tour in Isu Local Government Area.

Hon. Modestus Osakwe with all the members of Isu PDP campaign council toured the booths in Umuelem, Umunama, Umudurueze and Umudishi, in Amandugba Ward 1 to solicit support in the forthcoming general elections.

Speaking at the various Booths, Hon. Modestus Osakwe stated that PDP fielded the best Candidates and they are prepared to use instrument of lawmaking to bring effective and efficient representation to the grassroots.

He made obvious of his tripod agenda which clinged on Education for all/Skill Acquisition, Youth Empowerment and improving the living standard of Ndi Isu State Constituency. The people unanimously pledged to give him unflinching supports and bulk votes come 11th March 2023.

The Better Life Campaign has halted its activities in respect of the directives from the PDP Secretariat urging all party faithful to pause all campaign activities in the state  following the ruthless attack on the residence of Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere Ikeagwuonu and the ill fated supreme court judgement  inhibiting   the participation of Rt Hon Jones Onyereri in the coming elections which plans are being made to review the supreme court judgement.

Modest Osakwe
Modest Osakwe Receivinb Blessing from Ndi Eze Isu
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