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Handlifters-Gifts the Needy Relief Items At Oba-Onigbongbon’s Palace Lagos

Handlifters at Oba Onigbongbons Palace in Maryland Lagos
Handlifters at Oba Onigbongbons Palace in Maryland Lagos

The Handlifters Praying Group used this years’ thanksgiving and intercession for Nigeria to mark their 20th anniversary of unbroken prayers for the nation and it’s leaders at the palace of the traditional ruler of Onigbongbon, His Royal Highness Oba Oluwasegun Adeyemi Ajasa who happened to be one of the backbones of the group. Christians, Muslims and traditionalists were privileged to be part of the programme. They went home with food items ranging from rice, gari indomie among others. The Guest speaker, Apostle General Anselm Madubuko used the occasion to preach for a united Nigeria and for people to live a Godly life. He said that it is appointed unto man once to die and after that judgment.

 Speaking during the occasion the Visionary of Handlifters Praying Group -Pastor Mrs. Chinyere Adegboye disclosed that the occasion was meant to mark the Annual Thanksgiving/Prophetic Declarations over our Nations for 20 years of unbroken focus, praying for the nations and its leaders behind closed doors night and day ceaselessly.

“We are here to reach out to the community with food items. Like rice, beans, gari, Indomie and gift items to celebrate the Christmas. We are also giving free medical check-ups with drugs in collaboration with the Oba of Onigbongbon Oba Oluwasegun Ajasa.”

She recalled that hitherto, they used to go to the hospitals and pray for the sick and settled the hospital bills of those who could not afford it, before the Lord now said that they should also reach out to the less-privileged in the community by giving them food stuffs.

“We started several years ago and our activities are not limited to this Onigbongbo community. We also extend our hands of giving to other communities in Lagos and other states like Imo state etc. By next year, we want to reach out to other African countries like Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. We want to reach out to their rural communities.”

She disclosed that God is their strength. “That is why most time, we look for people who have passion for giving to the less privilege, the widows, the aged to come and support us financially, materially, accommodation, lands etc. By the grace of God, it is not as if we have any connection in other countries but when God gives a vision, he’ll make provisions.  My backbone is from God and we want people to support us. My husband, Pastor John Adeyinka Adegboye, has been very supportive and he is an advocate of rural transformation and social reformation.

 She said that she will want to live a legacy of giving: that life is giving and we need to learn to give. “As Christians or human beings we must learn to give to people. To make sure that poverty is alleviated all over the world. Not only Nigeria but across the globe. The less privileged should be cared for and be helped.”

She recalled that although this was not the first time of organizing the programme at Onigbongbon, but this years’ was more elaborate.  “When we came last year, it was impromptu.  This year, we prepared  so that we can really reach out to the people in a more massive and elaborate way. We discovered that we can get more of less privileged people in this environment. I don’t even live here. I live in Mowe – Ibafo Axis.”

She welcome the support from Corporate organisations, politicians,  well meaning Nigerians/individuals and the Government’s. Because they have been praying for our leaders and all those in authority for years behind closed doors. “For 20 years of unbroken focus. We are committed towards doing it by the grace of God. We are not resting on our oars  praying for our Nations and Leaders Globally especially Nigeria our country.”

She said that women in positions should be there to help other women. “Women don’t like to help other women because they always feel intimidated, it should not be. Women should love and help each other because the world is for women. The men’s era is over. We are in the era of women. That is why women should cooperate and help each other. Before now, we did not used to have women as presidents, but we have a lot of women as Chairladies and  presidents in many organisations with countries across the nation. We now have women as chairladies in big companies. It is not only in Nigeria but throughout the world and I want to thank God for that.  They should give women the place of authority.”

Pastor Mrs. Tayo Ohiku said that she has known Pastor Chinyere Adegboye for over 20 years. “I thank God for her life and the prayers of the handlifters praying group. I am amazed by the wonderful testimonies through the prayers of the handlifters group. They have never deviated, they’ve remained focused for 20years. I thank God that she has also been mentor to many people. I am so proud of them.  I pray that God will continue to uphold her and also the Oba of Onigbongbo Kingdom Maryland. It is so great to see traditional ruler performing so well the way that he is doing. I pray that peace will continue to reign in his Kingdom.”

She said that giving to charity is very important because of the state of the nation. “Rice has become gold. A lot of families will not be able to afford rice this Christmas. That is why they are giving them the quantity that will serve the family.  If we say we love people, we must give to them. Also people have been given the opportunity to give their lives to Christ. I know God is happy right now. Also we had offered prayers.”

She disclosed that the ceremony was open to everybody. “Everybody is welcome to the kingdom of God. There are no criteria for people to come. You can see that both Muslims, traditionalists are here to get the charity. We thank God because people have seen the vision. Everybody came together to make the  day a reality.  We thank for our visionary Pastor Chinyere Adegboye, she put in so much resources into it. So people who are not handlifters have been encouraged.”

Asojuoba of Onigbongbon Kingdom, High Chief Ganiyu Sadiq recalled that the Bible says  that we should know the God that we serve. “are here That is why we today, to pray for Nigeria towards this election coming election  and for new Nigeria in 2023. My message is for us to love ourselves. If you love yourself and you love your brothers, you will be able to do good things. That is my advice to our people and everybody. Love yourself, love God and you love your neighbor.”

He disclosed that it was not the first time they will be having such a laudable programme at the palace. “Today is full evangelism, not just to come and share food stuffs, but to listen to words of God and pray together. But this is not the first time, we pray that next year they will still be here and it will be better.

“When God created this world there was nothing like religion. God created the world and Adam and Eve, so all of us are one. What matter most is: Do you know the God you serve?”

He disclosed that the government is trying but a lot still need to be done for this community. “They have done the little they can but we pray that God will continue to strengthen them. We need employment for our children, we need good roads. We want the government to recognize our Oba among the Obas in Lagos state. Lift him up to first class Oba. The process is on but we still want government to give us all the support. Most especially our property has been acquired by the government, the GRA, the General Hospital and a lot of other places are parts of our land. When you go to Niger Delta they have oil. Land is ours in Lagos-for the indigenous people. Not that the government will acquired the land without adequate compensation.”

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