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Highlights of Obi’s Press Conference on Flaws of Saturday Election

Highlights 1:

He observes one minute silience for those who lost their lives during the election period. And prayed God to strengthen their beloved ones.

He also prayed for quick recovery for those who were attacked and nursing varying degrees of injuries.

Highlights 2:

He expressed his gratitude to God for the election and prayed that God continue to bless Nigeria.

He also expressed his gratitude to Nigerians for answering the call as true citizens of Nigeria by coming out in their million to exercise their constitutional rights.

He further expressed his gratitude to the Nigerian youths who believed and worked tirelessly for a new Nigeria. And trusting the new Nigeria on himself and Datti.

He is also grateful to the Obidients who believe that a new Nigeria is POssible. He assures them that a new Nigeria is POssible and that he would work for that new Nigeria that is POssible.

He implored them that their resilience for a new Nigeria should not go waned. Mr. Peter Obi further assured that Datti and himself are committed to a new Nigeria.

Highlights 3:

He also said he understands how his supporters would be feeling at this period because of the way the elections have come and gone.

He said the commitment and resilience of Nigerians even in the face of unwarranted and barbaric attacks is a testimony that a new Nigeria is indeed POssible.

He recalled the attack on Lady Jennifer Ifedi who was stabed in Lagos state during the election but insisted on voting. And said it give him courage that a new Nigeria is POssible.

Highlights 4:

He said the elections which has just been concluded and results announced as programmed, is a deviation from clear rules and guidelines as the INEC promised. He further stated that the election did not meet minimum standards expected of a free, transparent, credible and fair election and it would go down in history as one of the most controversial elections conducted in Nigeria.

He expressed his disappointment that the good and hard working people of Nigeria, have again been robbed by supposed leaders who they trusted. He however, appealed to all Nigerians to remain peaceful, law-abiding and conduct themselves in the most responsible manner.

He reaffirmed that for Datti and himself, it is not the end of the beginning for the journey of the birth for a new Nigeria. That Datti and himself remain undaunted and deeply committed to the project of a new Nigeria that will be built on honesty, transparency, fairness, justice and equity.

He stated that the process through which public office holder go into office, is very fundamental. He said it is his believe that if one must have the title of “His Excellency,” the process through which one arrives at such office, must be “Excellent.”

Highlights 5:

He said it is required that the right thing is done in order to generate the right confidence and moral authority to lead Nigerians. He said the structure of a society begins and progresses when we act in accordance with the will of the people.

He reiterated his campaign promise that Datti and himself will abide by the rule of law. He assured Nigerians that he would explore all legal and peaceful options to reclaim his mandate. He also asserted that he won the presidential election and he would prove it to Nigerians.

Mr. Peter further encourages Nigerian not to despair and reminded them that the governorship election is coming up on 11th March 2023. He enjoined Nigerians to go out and vote and promises to be part of it.

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