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BetterLifers Congratulates Hon. Modestus Osakwe on his Hard Fought Victory.

Hon Modestus Osakwe
Hon Modestus Osakwe

A River of  congratulations on the victory of Hon. Modestus Abiazie Osakwe  is flowing in the entire Isu State Constituency as ‘Better Lifers’  the political support group of the House of Assembly member elect are rejoicing  for their hard fought victory.

The roads of Isu is heavily crowded with happy youths and elderly people who are in joyous mood for their votes has finally counted after almost a month of despair as Osakwe’s declaration as the winner of the March 18th election was allegedly held back by some men behind the curtains of power in Imo politics with a keen interest in Isu.

Modestus Osakwe won the 18th of March elections with over 500 votes but he was not declared the winner of the election and was also not issued a certificate of return by INEC on 30th March 2023 as 23 members of the House of Assembly members were issued a certificate of return ,  even when the results on the IREV portal of the Independent National Election Commission is visible to everyone to verify and confirm his victory.

The uncertainties surrounding his victory culminated, when a rerun was inserted for the Isu State House of Assembly elections in Imo for Saturday 15th of April 2023,even when INEC did not include ISU in its nationwide announcements on places for supplementary elections in the nation and in Imo State earlier.

The PDP Candidate Hon. Modestus Osakwe scored 5,551 votes while the APC candidate Kingsley Ozurumba has 4,954 votes, Osakwe leads with 597 votes with only 4 polling units recorded to be marred with election irregularities.

Following the nationwide outcry over the INEC conduction of election in some places, as well as the brutalization of voters in a few places in the previous election, the people of ISU who came out in their numbers to VOTE for their choice candidate on the 18th of March, were downcast over the delayed declaration of the election result.  The seeming gloominess of the people resulted to the voter apathy that  played a huge part in Modestus Osakwe’s second victory as there was a low turnout of voters for the rerun election in the only 4 booths  left in Isu State.

Out of the expected a thousand plus registered voters in the affected 4 polling units, only  30 accredited voters emerged in the Umuarusi Hall Amandugba, while Community School Amurie had 47 voters, Amagadi Square 36 voters and Diakuzuruahu 31 voters. So automatically the PDP Candidate Hon.Modestus Osakwe who was finally announced as the winner of election by INEC and to be returned elected this afternoon the 16th of April has won even if he doesn’t get a single Vote out of the 144 casted on the 15th of April 2023 as his 591 margin cannot be equalized with all the 144 voters accredited by the BIVAS yesterday.

“Your Fortitude in enduring persistent attacks and bullying that you and better lifers suffered, the velocity of your tolerance  as your supporters were physically attacked, harmed and hospitalized following their innocent effort to defend their votes, your temperance in absorbing the threats on your person and antics of the opposition with a forgiving spirit, should be a guide and a reference point to Ndi Isu in entirety, you are an epitome of what a good man and leader should be, your victory is for the people of Isu”   his media team director Ahanotu,Vincent Uzochukwu affirmed.

Hon Modestus Osakwe
Hon Modestus Osakwe
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nnabugo Godgive

    April 16, 2023 at 9:12 pm

    Congratulations to the people’s choice,

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