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State House Medical Centre: Aisha’s Dream for Nigerian Leader’s Comes True

President Buhari and Aisha
President Buhari and Aisha

In a momentous event held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja on 19th May 2023, President Muhammadu Buhari officially unveiled the long-awaited N21 billion Presidential Wing of the State House Medical Centre. Joined by the esteemed First Lady, Aisha Buhari, the President expressed his optimism that this state-of-the-art facility would eliminate the necessity for Nigerian presidents and their family members to seek medical treatment abroad.

During the commissioning ceremony, the First Lady, accompanied by other distinguished guests, disclosed that she had conceived the idea for the Presidential Wing six years ago. Her inspiration stemmed from her husband’s prolonged stays overseas for medical care. With the completion of this extraordinary facility, Nigerian Presidents and their families will no longer have to travel abroad for treatment. Instead, they can rely on the assistance of medical experts who can be flown in to provide their expertise within the country.

The First Lady, radiating a sense of contentment and fulfillment, expressed her delight during the inauguration. She revealed, “I am quite happy and fulfilled. Though we are departing from this role, we are grateful that this project has finally materialized. I initiated this project six years ago when my husband spent three consecutive months abroad for medical treatment. It was evident that we possess exceptional medical experts in Nigeria, and all we needed was a robust platform.”

She further highlighted the strain faced by the current hospital, which caters to the needs of the First Family as well as around 35,000 people. It was this predicament that prompted her insistence on establishing a VIP Wing within the premises of the presidential villa. The creation of this dedicated wing will alleviate the burden on the existing medical center and ensure that the First Family receives prompt and exclusive medical attention.

When asked if the inauguration of the Presidential Wing would curtail the frequent overseas travels by Nigerian leaders for medical purposes, the First Lady responded resolutely, “This facility is intended to safeguard the health and well-being of the First Family. They no longer need to go abroad; instead, we can simply fly in experts to assist our people. You know, there’s no longer a need for any leader to spend months away from the country due to healthcare concerns.”

The establishment of the Presidential Wing marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s healthcare landscape, as it signifies a shift towards prioritizing the nation’s resources and expertise. By providing top-notch medical facilities within the country, Nigeria can now offer its leaders world-class healthcare services, eliminating the need for them to rely on foreign medical institutions.

This remarkable development sends a powerful message of confidence in Nigeria’s healthcare system, as the nation demonstrates its ability to deliver comprehensive and specialized care. The Presidential Wing serves as a testament to the country’s progress, showcasing its commitment to self-sufficiency in critical areas, including healthcare.

As the Presidential Wing opens its doors, Nigerian leaders can now seek medical treatment in a comfortable and exclusive environment, without enduring the inconveniences and expenses associated with international travel. The facility stands as a symbol of national pride, highlighting Nigeria’s dedication to nurturing its own talents and providing exemplary healthcare services for its citizens.

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