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The Gains and Dangers of Tinubu’s GCFR Conferment on 25th of May


An in-depth analysis of the implications and potential outcomes following the conferment of the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR) title on Bola Tinubu

By Grace Chigbu

On May 29th, 2023, Nigeria will witness a historic moment as Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the former Governor of Lagos State and prominent Nigerian politician is set to be sworned in as Nigeria’s President but before 29th of May ,a grand honour awaits him as he will be invested  with the prestigious Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR) title on the 25th of May. This honor, the highest distinction in Nigeria, is typically bestowed upon individuals who have made significant contributions to the nation and its mostly for heads of the Nigerian state. With this new status, Tinubu will acquire a range of powers and responsibilities that will undoubtedly shape the future political landscape of the country. This article aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the powers Tinubu will acquire as the GCFR and explore the potential implications and outcomes that may follow.

Acquiring the GCFR Title:

The GCFR title is a symbol of honor and recognition, signifying the recipient’s remarkable contributions to Nigeria. It is conferred by the President, and in Tinubu’s case, it signifies the acknowledgment of his extensive political career, leadership, and influence. As a recipient of the GCFR, Tinubu will be entrusted with several powers and privileges, including:

1. Influence in Decision-Making: As a highly respected political figure, Tinubu’s voice and opinions will carry significant weight in shaping policy decisions at both the national and state levels. His extensive network of supporters and alliances will provide him with a platform to influence the political agenda beore May 29th

2. Access to Resources: The GCFR title grants Tinubu access to a wide range of resources and networks that can be leveraged for the benefit of Nigeria. This includes access to international connections, investment opportunities, and avenues for attracting foreign direct investment.

3. Diplomatic Role: Tinubu, as a GCFR, will likely assume a diplomatic role, representing Nigeria at important international events and engagements. This will further enhance his global stature and allow him to promote Nigeria’s interests on the international stage.

4. Privileges and Protocol: As a GCFR, Tinubu will receive special privileges and protocol treatment in official functions and events. This includes precedence at state ceremonies, official gatherings, and invitations to high-profile national events.

Potential Implications:

The conferment of the GCFR title on Tinubu carries significant implications for Nigeria’s political landscape. While his new powers may afford him the opportunity to make substantial contributions to the country’s development, they also raise concerns and uncertainties among political commentators and citizens alike. Some potential implications include:

  1. Increased Political Influence: Tinubu’s newfound status as a GCFR is expected to enhance his political influence, not only within his political party but also across the country. This could potentially strengthen his position in winning the election petition tribunal against his person

2. Shift in Political Alliances: The conferred title may prompt realignments in political alliances as politicians seek to align themselves with Tinubu, leveraging his influence and support. This could lead to shifts in power dynamics within political parties and alter the composition of government structures.

3. Public Perception and Skepticism: Tinubu’s acquisition of the GCFR title will undoubtedly spark a range of opinions and reactions from the Nigerian public. While some may see it as a deserving recognition of his contributions, others may view it with skepticism, questioning the timing and potential motives behind the conferment.

4. Future Political Aspirations: Tinubu’s new powers as a GCFR will undoubtedly fuel speculations about Nigeria’s future and his political ambitions. With his increased influence and access to resources, his opponents are likely to accept the seeming unavoidable that he is going to be the Nigeria’s president.

5. Consolidation of Political Power: Tinubu may use his new powers to consolidate his political base, solidifying his position as a key power broker in Nigerian politics. This could result in increased support for his political agenda and policies.

6. Policy Reforms and Development Initiatives: Tinubu’s influence and access to resources as a GCFR could be channeled towards spearheading policy reforms and development initiatives. This may include initiatives aimed at improving infrastructure, promoting economic growth, and tackling key societal challenges.

7. Opposition and Challenges: Tinubu’s increased powers may also influence opposition and challenges from political rivals and dissenting voices. This could lead to a polarization of the political landscape and potential conflicts within and between political parties.

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