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Embracing Small Victories, Overcoming Doubt is the Path to Greatness-Prince Enwerem

MIPAD 2023 Nomination List
MIPAD 2023 Nomination List

By Grace Chigbu

In a surprising turn of events, Prince Ugo, a prominent figure known for his various contributions and endeavors, recently revealed why he missed out on being included in the prestigious 2023 Most Influential People of African Descent (MIPAD) list. Reflecting upon his journey, the Prince offered profound insights into his own personal struggles, shedding light on the significance of embracing small victories and overcoming self-doubt.

A self-proclaimed perfectionist, Prince Ugo acknowledged that his tendency to undervalue the importance of minor achievements had always hindered his ability to recognize his own accomplishments. “Being a perfectionist comes with a drawback: the tendency to undervalue the significance of small achievements,” he confessed. The Prince admitted that he often fixated on achieving one grand moment of glory, overlooking the smaller victories that were scattered throughout his journey.

Surprisingly, Prince Ugo found himself among the nominees for the esteemed MIPAD 2023 list, which celebrates individuals who have made substantial contributions to the African continent. Overwhelmed by the nomination, he initially struggled to believe that his achievements were worthy of such recognition. “I hadn’t believed I had accomplished enough to garner such attention,” Prince Ugo admitted, illustrating his inclination to discount his own successes.

Yet, Prince Ugo came to realize that these seemingly insignificant moments he had overlooked were interwoven into a compelling narrative. Observers who closely monitored his journey recognized that these small victories, when combined, formed an ocean of accomplishments. The Prince admitted, “The observers who diligently noted these small wins realized that these drops had accumulated into an ocean. And they beckoned me forward.”

However, consumed by disbelief and grappling with the disparity between reality and his humble self, Prince Ugo failed to fully embrace the significant recognition that awaited him. He questioned his own worthiness and whether he truly deserved the extraordinary honor of being listed alongside influential figures such as Kylie Mbappe. The Prince seemed to have forgotten that even David had to ignore Goliath’s towering stature to secure victory.

While paradise seemed within reach, it slipped away last week for Prince Ugo. Not because he was unworthy of the triumph, but because he wrestled with his own humility and philosophical quandaries. Unfortunately, by the time he emerged from his self-justification, the opportunity had vanished.

Nonetheless, Prince Ugo maintained a positive outlook and harbored no regrets. He realized that greatness is not confined to a singular moment but resides within the entirety of one’s story. “I now understand that the world is watching, and when our small wins converge, greatness emerges,” Prince Ugo remarked. His perspective shifted, recognizing that every step taken, every achievement recorded, and every failure endured contributed to his growth.

Prince Ugo expressed a deep sense of gratitude for the profound lesson he learned throughout this experience. “The truth is, I have lost nothing but gained everything,” he shared. This journey allowed him to unlearn and relearn, a rare experience in a world often dominated by conformity. The Prince emphasized the importance of believing in oneself, quoting a friend who once said, “If you find yourself at the table, you deserve to be there.”

 While Prince Ugo may have missed out on the MIPAD 2023 list by not accepting the nomination on time, which was not intentional, even after he was reminded.  His story and newfound wisdom inspire others to recognize the significance of their own small victories. As we congratulate the winners of the class of 2023, let Prince Ugo’s journey serve as a testament to the transformative power of self-belief , perseverance in the face of adversity and administering humility most especially at times of one’s Self assessment.

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