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Controversy Trails Action Alliance Imo Gubernatorial Candidacy

Gen Ogunewe and Ukadike
Gen Ogunewe and Ukadike

Just like in Labour Party, internal party discordant trails the seeming emergence of Gen.Licoln Jack Ogunewe as the Action Alliance (AA) finds itself embroiled in a fresh controversy as the party’s alleged gubernatorial candidate, Chief Ukadike Chinedu Humphrey, faces off against internal opposition led by expelled member Kenneth Udeze.

This clash follows the recent turbulence surrounding Chief Lincoln Ogunewe’s candidature and his previous experiences within the Labour Party. As the state gears up for the November 11th gubernatorial election, tensions rise within the party, leaving Imo State’s political landscape in disarray.

Speaking at a press conference , the state chairman of the Action Alliance, Comrade Ifeanyi Okponwa-Eze, firmly reaffirmed Chief Ukadike Chinedu Humphrey as the legitimate candidate of the party. According to Okponwa-Eze, Chief Ukadike emerged victorious through a transparent party primary conducted on April 17th, 2023. His candidacy has been duly recognized by the party’s National Working Committee and the National Chairman, Hon. Dr. Adekunle Rufai Omo-Aje.

However, the chairman expressed deep concern over the actions of Kenneth Udeze, who, despite his expulsion from the party, continues to present himself as the National Chairman of Action Alliance. Udeze has even gone as far as introducing retired General Lincoln Ogunewe as the party’s gubernatorial candidate in Imo State.

Comrade Ifeanyi Okponwa-Eze reminded the press that a Court of Appeal ruling on November 11th, 2022, upheld Hon. Adekunle Rufai Omo-Aje as the authentic and sole National Chairman of Action Alliance, dismissing Udeze’s claims. He stressed that Udeze’s actions flagrantly disregard the court’s decision and the legitimate leadership of the party.

The Imo State chairman also expressed his disappointment in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for still recognizing Udeze as the National Chairman of Action Alliance on its website. Okponwa-Eze sees this as a clear act of contempt towards the Court of Appeal judgment. He warned that if Udeze and INEC fail to rectify this situation promptly, the party will take legal action and press contempt of court charges against them.

Chief Ukadike Chinedu Humphrey, the party’s alleged gubernatorial candidate, also addressed the press during the briefing, asserting his legitimate claim to the candidacy. He described Kenneth Udeze as an impostor, a troublemaker, and an expelled member of the party. Ukadike cited the fact that Udeze had previously been fined one million naira by a judge during a legal dispute with the authentic National Chairman, Dr. Adekunle Rufai. He further emphasized Udeze’s lack of goodwill for the party and urged the people of Imo State to disregard the activities of these impostors.

With the November 11th gubernatorial election drawing near, the controversy surrounding the Action Alliance’s flagbearer in Imo State casts a shadow over the party’s stability and prospects. The dispute between Chief Ukadike Chinedu Humphrey and expelled member Kenneth Udeze, who continues to pose as the National Chairman, raises concerns about the party’s ability to unite and focus on securing victory in the upcoming election.

As the battle for the party’s authentic flag bearer  rages on, it remains to be seen how the Imo State chapter of the Action Alliance will resolve this internal conflict and regain its footing in the electoral landscape. The people of Imo State eagerly await a resolution to this controversy, hoping for a fair and transparent election that will pave the way for the state’s progress and development.

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