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Why Expectations are High on Hon Chimaobi  Atu’s Representation    

Hon-Chimaobi Atu
Hon-Chimaobi Atu

By Grace Chigbu

Enugu, Nigeria – In a landslide victory, Hon. Chimaobi Sam Atu, a prominent real estate developer, industrialist, and consummate politician, emerged as the winner of the highly anticipated House of Representatives election for the Enugu North and South Federal Constituency in 2023. Born in to the esteemed family of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Nnamchi Atu of Umumba Ndiaga Ugwuaji in Enugu South Local Council of Enugu State, Hon. Chimaobi Atu’s triumph comes as no surprise given his remarkable track record of accomplishments and unwavering dedication to public service.

Hon. Chimaobi Atu’s journey to success can be traced back to his formative years. After completing his primary education at Community Primary School Ugwuaji, his teachers recognized his exceptional aptitude for basic science and recommended him for enrollment at the prestigious Special Science School Ihe in Awgu local government of Enugu State. This exclusive institution catered to outstanding primary school graduates with exceptional creative abilities, solidifying Chimaobi’s commitment to academic excellence from an early age.

Following the successful completion of his secondary education, Hon. Chimaobi Atu gained admission to study Industrial Chemistry at the esteemed Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) in Agbani. With diligence and dedication, he graduated with honors (BSc.) in 2006, laying the foundation for his future endeavors in both the public and private sectors.

During his National Youth Service at Amoye Grammar School in Ikere Ekiti, Hon. Chimaobi Atu displayed remarkable teaching traits, earning the endearing nickname “Uncle Sam” from his students. Apart from his teaching responsibilities, he actively participated in social reengineering activities within the community, serving as a mentor to many who sought his guidance and inspiration.

Building upon his diverse experiences, Hon. Chimaobi Atu joined United Geophysical Nigeria Limited (UGNL) in Agbor, Delta State, immediately after completing his National Youth Service. As a dedicated employee of UGNL, he spearheaded numerous projects and assumed leadership roles in various site activities. However, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and desire for greater impact, he eventually resigned and returned to Enugu to establish his own company, Chimfloxy Ideals.

Since its inception, Chimfloxy Ideals has revolutionized the real estate industry in the South East under the visionary leadership of Mr. Atu, serving as a catalyst for affordable housing development in the region. As the CEO, he played a pivotal role in ensuring that individuals and families had access to quality and affordable homes, thereby transforming countless lives.

Hon. Chimaobi Atu’s commitment to public service and exceptional leadership qualities caught the attention of the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who appointed him as an Executive Assistant (EA). After Governor Ugwuanyi’s re-election in 2019, Hon. Chimaobi was again entrusted with a position of responsibility, serving as a Technical Assistant (TA). These appointments offered Mr. Atu the platform to serve his state with the utmost dedication and effectiveness, leaving an indelible mark on Enugu’s governance landscape.

Notably, as a dedicated community leader, Hon. Chimaobi Atu played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Community Policing Initiative in Ugwuaji and its surrounding areas. His exceptional leadership qualities led to his unanimous appointment as the Chairman of the Initiative. During his tenure, he tackled growing security concerns in Ugwuaji and adjacent communities, garnering widespread acclaim for establishing a near-perfect security system. Additionally, he was elected the Youth Leader and Secretary General of Ndiaga Ugwuaji, further exemplifying his commitment to grassroots leadership.

Beyond his political and entrepreneurial endeavors, Hon. Chimaobi Atu is a compassionate philanthropist who has initiated numerous projects in his native community. He spearheaded the extension of electricity to underserved parts of Ugwuaji where government power infrastructure had not reached. Furthermore, he has consistently provided scholarships to indigent community members at both secondary and university levels. Since 2012, he has personally financed the grading of community roads abandoned by the government, demonstrating his unwavering dedication to the upliftment of his people.

In recognition of his exceptional qualities, unyielding contributions to his community and state, Hon. Chimaobi Atu was awarded a chieftaincy title in 2021. This accolade serves as a testament to his resilience and determination to overcome life’s challenges, as well as his unwavering commitment to human progress. Within the religious community, he is revered as a passionate church leader who has positively impacted the lives of many through his unwavering faith and dedication to God.

Hon. Chimaobi Atu is not only a successful professional but also a devoted family man. He is happily married to Mrs. Ezinne Maureen, his lifelong partner, and they are blessed with three children. This solid foundation of love and support from his family undoubtedly contributes to his unwavering drive to serve and uplift his community.

Hon. Chimaobi Atu’s victory in the Enugu North and South Federal Constituency House of Representatives election is a testament to his remarkable achievements, outstanding leadership qualities, and the unwavering support of the constituents who recognize his ability to effect positive change. With his election, Enugu State can anticipate a period of progress, development, and inclusive governance under his capable stewardship.

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