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Adopt 30th May as National Heroe’s Day For Biafrans-Ohanaeze Youth

Igboayaka National President Ohanaeze Youth Council
Igboayaka National President Ohanaeze Youth Council

Press Conference


The apex and/or national leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Council, OYC, under the resolute leadership of Comrade Igboayaka O. Igboayaka, after the analysis of the incidents leading to the conceptualization of the May 30th day commemoration, has resolved that it’s time to take a holistic step towards the economic development, sustainability and emancipation of the Igboland.

Moreso, relatedly, in a press conference held in Owerri, the State capital, with the theme, ”THE OWERRI DECLARATION OF 30TH MAY, 2023 AS HEROES’ DAY FOR NDIGBO”, Ohanaeze Youth Council urged the Governors from Old Eastern Region part of Nigeria to adopt 30th May as a national mourning day in memoriam of our hellish past to freedom while using same as a veritable means to strengthen peace, love and unity among the old Eastern Nigeria people.

In view of the above, Ohanaeze Youth Council has thusly arrived at various resolutions and issued a communiqué viz:

  1. That the leadership of Ohanaeze Youth Council demands that all the old Eastern Governors should get involved in the May 30th commemoration.
  2. That May 30th should not only be seen as a day of mere commemoration of our heroes but such a day should, literarily, be accorded with a deep observance of “sit-at-home order” in the honour of the Biafran fallen heroes who were killed during the calculated genocide against the Igbos aided by Britain and United States of America and also in the honour of the recent Indigenous people of Biafrans (IPOB) members killed by the most cruel, wicked and brutal President Mohammed Buhari whose tyrannical eight years of political administration were of catastrophic consequences through thorns on the flesh of Igbos. Ohanaeze Youth Council opted that 30th May should also be a day set aside to have creative discussions and lecture sessions to continuously design possible ways for economic development, sustainability and that of emancipation of Ndigbo
  3. Ohanaeze Youth Council hereby calls especially on the Governors from Igbo extraction to adopt the May 30th as a heroes day celebration in commemoration while it’s paramount that the Senators, House of Representatives members of Igbo extraction as well as the state Houses of Assembly members would join in the movement to institutionalise May 30th as a heroes day and design economic programs to develop Ala Igbo.
  4. That the Ohanaeze Youth Council, knowing that Ndigbo are the largest African race with the total population strength of 42.8% of the Nigeria population, therefore, accepts and adopts the 30th day of May, as Heroes Day in propitiation and to appease the spirits of the thousands of Igbos and/or innocent Igbo children killed with policy of starvation introduced by Gen. Yakubu Gowon as advised by Chief Obafemi Awolowo supported and rationalised by Britain and USA from 1967 to 1970.
  5. May 30th day commemoration should create room for a meeting point for all Igbos both home and abroad to discuss fundamental issues for a wider economic empowerment of Igbo race.
  6. That Ohanaeze Youth Council uses this opportunity to call on the Igbo technocrats outside Igboland to use May 30th to locate home and offer their professional services to the overall developments of Igboland and to identify the bane of Southeast development with a view to ending the plethora of challenges facing our people.
  7. That Ohanaeze Youth Council seizes this opportunity to demand unreserved apology from the Federal Government of Nigeria, Government of Britain and United States of America to Ndi Igbo over the reported massacre of over 4.3m Biafrans, majorly Igbos, during the worst world genocide against Igbos.
  8. That, finally, the outcome of 2023 presidential electoral fraud conspiratorially committed by Prof. Mahmoud Yakubu and the other haters of Igbo race, coupled with 1967/70 genocide, should throw Ndigbo to a reflective, meditative mood that they are not wanted to be part of Nigeria and that they should earnestly, by every means necessary, look for a country they would call their own.


Comrade Igboayaka .O. Igboayaka
National President
Ohanaeze Youth Council

Comrade Ifeanyi Nweke
Secretary General
30th, May 2023

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