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DiamondJ Logistics Up Its Game with Bulletproof Car Rental Service in Nigeria

Diamond J Logistics and Car Rental Services
Diamond J Logistics and Car Rental Services

By Grace Chigbu

Owerri, Nigeria – Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics, a renowned car rental service, has emerged as the go-to destination for individuals seeking reliable transportation solutions in Owerri and its surrounding areas. With an impressive fleet of vehicles, including top range SUV’s, Saloons, Coaster buses, and even Bulletproof SUVs, the company caters to a wide range of needs, ensuring utmost comfort and safety for its valued clients.

Under the astute leadership of Managing Director Ugo Jango Nwachukwu, a distinguished businessman with an accommodating demeanour,  Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics has garnered a reputation for providing top-notch services to its discerning clientele.Ugo Jango , a man with a Midas touch, has successfully diversified his business interests across various industries, solidifying his status as a visionary entrepreneur.

At Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics, the mission is to offer seamless transportation experiences, prioritizing customer satisfaction above all. The company understands the importance of reliable and punctual service, particularly when it comes to airport pick-ups. Whether it’s for business or leisure, Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics ensures a hassle-free journey from the airport to the desired destination.

The fleet of luxury vehicles available for rent at Luxury Cars & Logistics is second to none. With a focus on meeting diverse needs, the company offers a wide selection of vehicles,this versatility allows clients to find the perfect vehicle for their specific requirements, be it a family vacation, corporate event, or group travel.

One of the standout features of Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics is their range of bulletproof vehicles. In a world where personal security is paramount, the company goes above and beyond to provide a sense of safety and peace of mind to its customers. The bulletproof SUVs, in particular, are a popular choice among high-profile individuals and VIPs who require enhanced protection during their travels.

Apart from Owerri, Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics also serves several other prominent destinations across Nigeria. The company caters to the transportation needs of individuals in Port Harcourt, Uyo, Abuja, and Lagos, ensuring a seamless travel experience regardless of the location. This widespread coverage allows clients to rely on the company’s services regardless of their destination within the country.

To stay connected with its ever-expanding customer base, Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics can be reached through various channels. Customers can contact the company via phone at +234 803 431 3051 or +234 906 972 2852. Additionally, Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics maintains an active presence on Instagram, where interested individuals can find more information about their services and promotions by visiting

With a commitment to excellence and a customer-centric approach, Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics continues to elevate the car rental experience in Owerri and beyond. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, individuals can rely on the company’s premium vehicles and exceptional service to meet their transportation needs. Under the guidance of Ugo Jango Nwachukwu, Diamond J Luxury Cars & Logistics aims to be the premier choice for those seeking luxury and security in their travels, setting new standards for the industry in Nigeria and beyond.

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