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All Set for the African Diaspora 3Q Maputo Round-table  


By Grace Chigbu

Maputo, Mozambique – The African Diaspora 3Q Maputo Roundtable, a momentous gathering of Pan Africanists, activists, scholars, scientists, and civil society organizations (CSOs), is set to take place from July 10 to July 13 at the Southern Sun Maputo. This groundbreaking event will commemorate the 20th anniversary of the adoption of Article 3q of the African Union (AU) Constitutive Act and will serve as the launching platform for African Union African Diaspora Day.

The African Diaspora 3Q initiative represents the adoption of Article 3Q, which signifies the AU’s recognition of the African Diaspora as the Sixth Region. This milestone commemorates two decades since the African Union acknowledged the importance of the African Diaspora and its connection to the continent.

Hosted by the Global Pan African Roots-Synergy Roundtable, the African Diaspora 3Q Maputo Roundtable will not only celebrate this significant anniversary but also focus on the establishment of the African Union African Diaspora High Council for the 6th Region. This council will serve as the governing body and liaison between the African Union and its member states, ensuring a stronger partnership between the continent and its global Diaspora.

The launch of African Union African Diaspora Day on July 11 holds immense significance. This day will henceforth serve as a dedicated occasion to honor the African Diaspora’s contributions, achievements, and ongoing commitment to the development and progress of Africa. By establishing this annual celebration, the African Union aims to strengthen the bonds between the continent and its Diaspora, fostering unity and collaboration.

Key players in the implementation of AU Article 3Q in 2023 include prominent Pan Africanists, activists, scholars, scientists, and CSOs from across the Global African World. These individuals and organizations have long been advocating for the recognition and inclusion of the African Diaspora as an integral part of Africa’s development. Their unwavering dedication and commitment have laid the foundation for this historic moment in the African Union’s journey.

Among the distinguished attendees and participants are renowned Pan Africanists who have dedicated their lives to advancing the cause of African unity and empowerment. Their expertise and insights will provide invaluable guidance for shaping the African Union African Diaspora High Council for the 6th Region and setting forth a strategic vision for the future.

Additionally, activists who have been at the forefront of mobilizing the African Diaspora and advocating for their rights and representation will contribute their experiences and perspectives. These tireless individuals have championed the cause of the African Diaspora, advocating for social justice, equal opportunities, and recognition within their respective communities and beyond.

The academic community, including scholars and scientists, will also play a crucial role in shaping the discussions at the roundtable. Their research, analysis, and intellectual contributions have shed light on the historical, cultural, and socioeconomic aspects of the African Diaspora. By bringing their expertise to the table, they will contribute to a deeper understanding of the Diaspora’s potential and the ways in which it can actively contribute to Africa’s development.

Civil society organizations (CSOs) have been instrumental in mobilizing communities, promoting social cohesion, and advocating for the rights and welfare of the African Diaspora. Their presence at the African Diaspora 3Q Maputo Roundtable will ensure that the voices and concerns of the Diaspora are heard and addressed effectively. These organizations will provide valuable input on policies, initiatives, and programs aimed at enhancing collaboration between the African Union and the Diaspora.

The African Diaspora 3Q Maputo Roundtable marks a significant step forward in the AU’s engagement with the African Diaspora. By establishing African Union African Diaspora Day and creating the African Union African Diaspora High Council for the 6th Region, the African Union reaffirms its commitment to embracing and harnessing the immense potential of the Diaspora. This gathering of key players from the Global African World will pave the way for a stronger partnership between Africa and its Diaspora, leading to a united and prosperous future for the continent.

In a significant development, CEO Africa has been named the official media partner for the African Diaspora 3Q Maputo Roundtable. As a leading media organization focused on business and economic news across the African continent, CEO Africa will provide extensive coverage of the event, ensuring that the deliberations, outcomes, and milestones achieved during the roundtable receive widespread attention and recognition.

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