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Liberation Chapter Congratulates Hon. Modestus Osakwe

Hon.Modestus Osakwe
Hon.Modestus Osakwe

ISU, IMO STATE – The Liberation Chapter of NALT, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing equality, strengthening communities, and promoting social justice, extends its heartfelt congratulations to Honorable Modestus Osakwe on his well deserved emergence as the member representing Isu at the Imo State House of Assembly.

Honorable Modestus Osakwe’s recent victory in the Isu constituency has caught the attention of the Liberation Chapter of NALT, and they are quick to extend their warmest congratulations to him. Recognizing his outstanding attributes, the organization commends his temperance, which serve as a guiding light and reference point for the entire community of Ndi Isu. Hon. Osakwe’s victory is viewed as a triumph for the people, who now have a leader who embodies the qualities of integrity, compassion, and effective governance.

The organization praised his exemplary leadership qualities, considering him a true visionary and embodiment of a good leader .  “Hon. Modestus Osakwe’s records are filled with self sacrificial antecedents, he is good at putting others before self, even though the impact of his leadership insight  will be felt in Imo,  Ndi Isu  are the ultimate beneficiaries of his well articulated development blueprint for the constituency.’’ Uzoma Joseph said.

The Liberation Chapter of NALT has been actively involved in supporting leaders who prioritize the welfare and development of their communities. Its mission is to foster an environment of fairness, equality, and empowerment for all individuals, irrespective of their social, economic, or political backgrounds. By advocating for social justice and fair play, Liberation Chapter seeks to create a platform for networking, collaboration, and collective action toward a better society.

“The victory of Honorable Modestus Osakwe is not only a personal triumph but a resounding victory for the people of Isu,” stated Joseph Uzoma, the MP of the Liberation Chapter . He went on to emphasize the significance of Hon. Osakwe’s leadership, remarking that his temperance and forgiving spirit should serve as an inspiration to the entire community. The Liberation Chapter of NALT firmly believes that his victory will pave the way for progress, unity, and prosperity in Isu.

The Liberation Chapter of NALT has been at the forefront of championing the rights and interests of marginalized individuals and communities. With a commitment to promoting equality, the organization recognizes and celebrates leaders like Hon. Modestus Osakwe who share its vision of a just and inclusive society. By supporting his endeavors, Liberation Chapter aims to collaborate with Hon. Osakwe in implementing policies and initiatives that uplift and empower the people of Imo at large.

As Honorable Modestus Osakwe embarks on his journey as a representative of the Isu constituency, the Liberation Chapter of NALT pledges its unwavering support. The organization is confident that his leadership will bring about positive transformation and address the pressing needs of the community. Through collaboration and partnership. Liberation Chapter aims to assist Hon. Osakwe in realizing his vision for Imo’s progress and prosperity.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Inspector

    June 23, 2023 at 5:33 pm

    Great man of peace

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