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Lyles Equals Usain Bolt’s 200m Record at New York City Grand Prix


American sprinter Noah Lyles has achieved a remarkable feat by matching the record set by Jamaican legend Usain Bolt in the 200-meter race. Lyles, aged 25, equaled Bolt’s mark for the most 200-meter contests with times of less than 20 seconds. Displaying his exceptional speed and skill, Lyles recorded an impressive time of 19.83 seconds at the NYC Grand Prix held at Icahn Stadium on Randall Island.

Lyles’ time of 19.83 seconds secured him first place in the men’s 200-meter race, as reported by NBC Sports. To claim the record for himself, Lyles now needs to run one more race of the same distance in under 20 seconds. With his youth on his side, as he will turn 26 next month, Lyles has ample time to break the record.

This year, Lyles already boasts the fastest 200m time at 19.67 seconds, establishing his dominance in the event. Following his victory, Lyles expressed his satisfaction, stating, “It’s not perfect, but it was very fun,” in an interview with NBC’s Lewis Johnson.

Lyles now ranks as the third fastest 200m sprinter in history, behind the astonishing times of Usain Bolt, who holds the world record at 19.19 seconds, and Yohan Blake, who achieved a time of 19.26 seconds.

Noah Lyles, hailing from Gainesville, Florida, gained attention when he won two gold medals at the 2016 World U20 Championships. Additionally, he secured a bronze medal in the 200-meter race at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, solidifying his status as a formidable sprinter on the global stage.

In a parallel development, Usain Bolt, who retired six years ago, has expressed his hopes of returning to track and field. Recognizing a decline in the sport since his retirement, Bolt intends to play a role beyond being an active athlete.

Following his achievement of matching Bolt’s 200m record time, Lyles shared valuable insights for a “perfect run” in a video posted on his official YouTube channel. His guidelines encompassed effective starting techniques from the blocks, optimal utilization of the entire track, and strategies for finishing a sprint across the 200m distance.

In related news, Zharnel Hughes, a British athlete, has become the fastest-ever sprinter from Britain. Hughes set a new record time in the 100-meter event at the World Athletics Tour in New York, surpassing the previous British record of 9.87 seconds set by the legendary Linford Christie in 1993. Hughes completed the race in a blistering time of 9.83 seconds, earning him a well-deserved place in the history books.

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