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Maputo3Q Roundtable: Global African Women Convention Slated 12th July

Global African Women Convention
Global African Women Convention

Grace Chigbu

The highly anticipated   “Global African Women Convention” is set to take place in Maputo on 12th July 2023. This event, organized from the perspective of the Global African SHEROES Union (GASU)  aims to provide a platform for African women to come together and discuss critical topics related to social development, financial growth, peace, stability, and healing.

With an impressive lineup of speakers that  includes  Angela  Sayles International host of  Global African SHEROES Union, Dr Chinzera  Davis Kahina from Caribbean Cultural Studies, Prof. Dr Anita Diop of African Roots and Heritage Foundation, Dalila Macuacua  and  CJ Dunford of SHEROES with Dr Baryyl Biekman as Chief organizer and facilitator , the convention promises to be a transformative experience for all participants.

The convention will kick off at 10 AM and continue until 2 PM, allowing ample time for in-depth discussions and insightful exchanges. The organizers have carefully chosen the topics of discussion to address the pressing issues faced by African women today. These topics include social development, which encompasses the progress and well-being of communities, financial development, which focuses on economic empowerment and wealth creation, peace and stability, which seeks to explore ways to create peaceful and stable societies, and heal glow grow, which centers around holistic well-being and personal growth.

Global African Women Convention feature  impressive team of distinguished speakers selected for their diverse professionalism in diverse sectors.  Angela Sayles, International Host of  the Global African SHEROES  Union is a finance expert and  C.E.O of financial Unity, She is  a prominent advocate for women’s rights and empowerment, and her participation in this event will provide invaluable insights into the challenges faced by African women and the strategies employed by the SHEROES Union to address these challenges. Her expertise and experiences will inspire and empower participants, encouraging them to take action and make a positive impact in their respective communities.

Dr. Chinzera Davis Kahina from Caribbean Cultural Studies, brings a unique perspective to the convention. With a deep understanding of the intersectionality between culture, identity, and social issues, Chinzera  will shed light on the importance of embracing cultural heritage and diversity as catalysts for social development and empowerment. Her contributions will undoubtedly enrich the discussions and broaden the attendees’ understanding of the complexities faced by  Diaspora women  of African descent in different cultural contexts.

Most of the speakers are expected to make their intellectual contribution to healing, peacebuilding, conflict resolution, and stability to the convention.  Their insights into creating peaceful societies and promoting stability will be invaluable in the context of African women’s struggles for peace and security. The diverse knowledge and experience of the speakers  will equip participants with the necessary tools to address conflicts and promote harmony in their communities, furthering the cause of African women’s empowerment.

The Convention aims to empower women to overcome barriers and unlock their full potential. The convention’s inclusive and supportive atmosphere will encourage participants to engage in meaningful discussions, establish networks, and develop strategies for collective progress.

The Global African Women Convention is a milestone event that acknowledges the significant contributions and resilience of African women at home and in Diaspora. Through the power of knowledge sharing, dialogue, and collective action, this convention will undoubtedly inspire and mobilize attendees to create lasting change within their communities and beyond.

To attend the Global African Women Convention, interested individuals are required to register through the Eventbrite platform. Early registration is recommended.

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