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GLAAS to Mark Day Against Trafficking in Persons with Storytelling for Children


The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons is observed annually on July 30th of every year to raise awareness about human trafficking and to promote and protect the rights of trafficked victims. The Global Africans Against Slavery  a multi-sectoral coalition of relevant stakeholders in the fight against Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling (HTMS), committed to a practical, hands on engagement in the fight  is collaborating once again  with Kinara Park Kids in USA for their  Virtual African Storytelling Series  on HTMS for children between the Ages of 6 to 12.

The Virtual storytelling session on Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling is a means of sensitizing children on the dangers and ploy of traffickers; it is aimed at enhancing African children’s knowledge about Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling which is one of the gravest danger In the world today, sensitizing them on its precarious nature.  

“We believe that the first and most successful place to end Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling is on our own DOORSTEPS and that the sensitization of all people on the antics and ploys of traffickers to lure innocent victims to destinations where they can have the power to inhibit their freedom is of great importance and the inspiration powering this virtual storytelling session.”   Mama Imahkus Njinga  Okofu Ababio founder of One Africa Resort Ghana and Rweru Women Empowerment Foundation Rwanda and advisory board chairperson of  GLAAS revealed.

Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking for the purposes of forced labour , sexual exploitation and its other concomitant hazards is the third largest crime industry in the world, behind drugs and arms trafficking and almost one third of human trafficking victims in the world are estimated to be children.

The storytelling event will be headlined by renowned African performing artists  like Ken   Nyamweya  ‘aka’ The Storyteller  , Wangs  and Mila Zetu  all from the East African nation of kenya and Noni Ervin of the Kinara Park Kids will complete the list of narrators at the 2nd  edition of this noble initiative of  GLAAS.The stories to be featured in the day event includes The voice in Simba’s Cave by Wangs, Saku the Village Boy by Ken Nyamweya and Noni Ervin’s Kuchichagula Series.

Odillia Anyachi the founder of International African School Netherlands  who participated in the maiden edition will be missing out this time as she prepares for a historic exhibition of African tangible cultural properties coming up in few months.

’Storytelling is an art, an art that entertains and inform the listeners at the same time, and we are aiming to use the monthly virtual event to instill and transfer knowledge to the younger generation. Stories do things to people, we know that things happen to people when they hear intriguing stories; talking and listening allow people to share and learn from each other.  “  Queen Mother Obaapa Awindor Founder Obaapa Development  Foundation and Co founder of The African Queens and Women Cultural Leaders Network (AQWCLN)an executive member of GLAAS said.

The GLAAS Virtual African Storytelling sessions on HTMS  is designed to articulate the problem of Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling in the African society and the world at large , in which the storytelling medium serves to create an open discussion platform that will enable sensitization of the kids, enhancing their self capacity in the process. To achieve this, the content of the stories will be told in such a way to captivate the African child and generate intense discussion among them as well as with the event moderator and storytellers.

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