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CharlyBoy Lauds Edo ‘Obidients’ Show of Support for Labour Party and Peter Obi


By Grace Chigbu

EDO STATE – Celebrated Nigerian entertainer, Charles Oputa, affectionately known as Charly Boy, has urged the Department of State Service (DSS) to detain the “Obidients” of Edo State who enthusiastically rallied behind the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi.

The charismatic LP flag bearer, Peter Obi, recently participated in a sizable rally alongside numerous party members, as preparations for the upcoming local government elections in Edo State gained momentum. Notable figures such as former Nigerian Bar Association president Olumide Akpata also graced the event, showcasing their allegiance to the party.

Numerous videos circulating on social media captured the overwhelming turnout of LP supporters in Edo State, standing in unison to extend a warm welcome to the former governor of Anambra State.

In response to the remarkable outpouring of support from the people of Edo, Charly Boy expressed admiration for the “Obidients” who embraced the LP and its ideals so fervently. He went on to challenge the Department of State Service (DSS), taunting them to arrest those who boldly demonstrated their endorsement of Peter Obi’s presidential aspirations.

Addressing the people of Edo, Charly Boy said, “I want to give a big shout-out to all my people in Edo. I must say, I didn’t realize that your madness about Obi was greater than mine. I salute you all. This is our President, and anyone else is just a counterfeit. Now that the DSS has changed their focus, let them proceed to apprehend those who merely came out to welcome their President.”

The enthusiastic display of support from Edo residents underscores the resonance of Peter Obi’s candidacy among a significant segment of the population. As the local government elections draw near, the fervor exhibited by these “Obidients” serves as a testament to the potency of his message and the charisma he brings to the political landscape.

In the midst of Edo’s spirited show of solidarity, Charly Boy’s playful challenge to the DSS adds an element of humor to the political discourse. The reference to “counterfeit” figures in politics aligns with the passionate support Obi’s campaign has garnered, solidifying his position as a prominent contender in the race.

As the LP and its presidential candidate continue to rally for support and chart their political course, Edo’s “Obidients” stand as a symbol of the fervent grassroots engagement that can reshape the trajectory of an election. Their allegiance not only reflects their belief in Peter Obi but also underscores the influence of collective determination in shaping the future of a nation.

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