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Labour Party’s Peter Obi Challenges Imo State’s Leadership


OWERRI, IMO STATE – The political scene in Imo state heats up as the Labour Party’s 2023 presidential candidate, Peter Obi, asks the current Imo state governor, Hope Uzodimma, to prepare to relinquish his post ahead of the upcoming November 11 governorship elections.

Addressing journalists in Owerri during the commencement of the Labour Party’s governorship campaign for Senator Athan Achonu, Obi emphasized his confidence in the Labour Party’s capacity to rectify the alleged misgovernance in Imo state. The LP presidential hopeful didn’t mince words, asserting that the rise of the Labour Party in the forthcoming elections promises a departure from the current state of affairs in Imo.

Peter Obi conveyed unwavering faith in the party’s structure and leadership. Highlighting the importance of transparent processes within the party, he affirmed, “Abure remains our party’s national chairman. We are a united front. Senator Athan Achonu, our governorship candidate, is poised to bring about transformation in Imo State.”

The presidential candidate further expressed his desire for a reformed Nigeria, extending an invitation to Nigerians to place their trust in the Labour Party. Drawing a comparison, he praised the governance in Abia state, attributing the region’s progress to the dedicated efforts of an informed leadership.

Speaking of the party’s vision for Nigeria, Obi expressed, “We envisage a Nigeria where leaders act on their promises. Our mission is clear, and our intentions are pure. Given the opportunity, we will redefine governance.”

Adding weight to Obi’s words, the Abia state governor, Alex Otti, endorsed Senator Athan Achonu, emphasizing his legitimate emergence as the party’s governorship candidate. Otti also shared insights on the achievements of the Labour Party in Abia, reiterating the party’s commitment to genuine governance. “Though our tenure in Abia is young, the changes are palpable. I urge Imo to embrace the Labour Party’s vision,” Otti commented.

Senator Athan Achonu, the Labour Party’s Imo state governorship aspirant, addressed his plans for the state’s development. Achonu’s campaign hinges on several key promises, including the immediate conduct of local government elections, infrastructural development, and addressing the concerns of civil servants and pensioners. The senator’s vision aims at eliminating insecurity, enhancing basic amenities, and ensuring the well-being of Imo’s citizens.

Achonu passionately remarked, “Post the November 11 elections, Imo will witness a positive transformation. We pledge to ensure peace, order, and a focus on human capital development. The era of distress for our civil servants and pensioners will be a thing of the past.”

As November 11 approaches, the Labour Party’s confident stance sends a clear message to the people of Imo: the promise of change and progress. Only time will reveal the course Imo state chooses.

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