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Former Law Student Appointed Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy


In a remarkable development, Hannatu Musawa, a former University of Buckingham law student, has been named as Nigeria’s new Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy. After completing her LLB in 1999, Musawa embarked on a journey that led her to become a prominent barrister and human rights activist. Her appointment comes as a recognition of her exceptional achievements and contributions in the legal and cultural arenas.

Hannatu Musawa’s journey from a law student to a human rights activist is a testament to her dedication and passion. Graduating with an LLB, she delved into the world of law, founding her own law firm, Hanney Musawa & Associates, in Nigeria. Her experience as a solicitor in Britain further enriched her legal acumen, positioning her as a prominent figure in the legal landscape. Musawa’s legal background is poised to play a crucial role in addressing complex matters such as negotiating the repatriation of Benin bronzes from Europe and the United States. This significant task requires adept negotiation skills and an understanding of international legal frameworks.

One of the challenges that Musawa is likely to address during her tenure is the repatriation of Benin bronzes. These historical artifacts hold immense cultural and historical significance for Nigeria. With her legal prowess, Musawa is expected to navigate the intricate landscape of negotiations to ensure the return of these valuable treasures to their rightful home.

Furthermore, plans for the construction of new museums in Nigeria are also on the horizon. Musawa’s appointment as Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy places her in a pivotal position to drive these initiatives forward. The establishment of new museums will contribute to the preservation and showcasing of Nigeria’s rich cultural heritage.

Beyond her legal accomplishments, Hannatu Musawa is known for her weekly newspaper column, where she voices the concerns of Nigerians who often lack a platform to express their views. This column serves as a forum for marginalized voices and reflects her commitment to advocating for equality and justice. Musawa’s fearless approach to speaking out on behalf of those who have been silenced underscores her dedication to promoting the well-being of her fellow citizens.

President Bola Tinubu’s decision to appoint Musawa aligns with his vision for Nigeria’s diplomatic and cultural endeavors. The appointment of Nigeria’s ambassador to Germany, Yusuf Tuggar, as Foreign Minister complements Musawa’s role. Tuggar’s experience in negotiating the restitution of Benin bronzes from German museums highlights the collaborative effort between cultural and diplomatic fronts to address historical grievances.

Musawa’s background as one of 12 children raised in the state of Katsina adds a personal dimension to her journey. Her upbringing instilled values of equality and acceptance, which she carries forward in her roles as a human rights activist and cultural advocate. Her heartfelt tribute to her late father, who overcame rural poverty to achieve remarkable heights, resonates with many and encapsulates her commitment to making a positive impact.

As Nigeria’s Minister of Art, Culture, and the Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa steps into a multifaceted role that demands diplomatic finesse, legal expertise, and a deep appreciation for culture. Her journey from a University of Buckingham law student to a prominent minister is a testament to her determination, resilience, and dedication. With her leadership, Nigeria’s cultural landscape is poised for transformation, guided by the values of equality, justice, and the celebration of diversity.

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