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Tribunal Verdict: Presidency Projects Confidence in President Tinubu’s Victory

The national spotlight is set to shine on President Bola Tinubu this Wednesday as the Presidential Elections Petitions Tribunal prepares to deliver its much-anticipated verdict. With challenges mounted against his election victory by multiple party candidates, the Presidency remains steadfast in its belief that President Tinubu will be triumphant.

As earlier reported by Politics Nigeria, the Tribunal is set to announce its decision on the cases against President Tinubu. Notable challengers include Atiku Abubakar from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Peter Obi representing the Labour Party. The entire nation will be tuned in, as this significant announcement will be broadcasted live on September 6.

Addressing the forthcoming verdict, Ajuri Ngelale, the presidential spokesperson, conveyed the Presidency’s undeterred confidence. “There’s absolutely no pressure on our principal,” he stated. Elaborating further, Ngelale expressed confidence that the Tribunal would reinforce Tinubu’s electoral victory, emphasizing the President’s respect for the judiciary.

Ngelale stated, “President Tinubu has deep trust in the Nigerian judicial system. He refrains from casting doubt or aspersions on our esteemed judicial officers. He is confident that the Tribunal panel, comprised of our country’s distinguished judicial leaders, will base their verdict solely on the presented facts.”

The underlying message was clear – President Tinubu holds the judicial process in high regard and does not wish to influence or sway the Tribunal’s judgment. Instead, he leans on the belief that the system will function justly and without prejudice.

Reiterating President Tinubu’s commitment to the nation, Ngelale added that regardless of the Tribunal’s outcome, the President would remain dedicated to fortifying Nigeria’s institutions. “No matter the judgment’s direction, President Tinubu’s focus will stay unwavering. He is committed to ensuring our institutions remain revered and respected by all involved parties.”

This commitment to the process is vital, given the backdrop of the challenges against President Tinubu’s election. Besides the aforementioned contenders from PDP and the Labour Party, the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) has also stepped into the ring, contesting Tinubu’s election victory.

The nation now waits with bated breath. As the clock ticks closer to the Tribunal’s announcement, the sentiments echoed by the Presidency ring clear: trust in the system, a commitment to accept the outcome, and an unwavering focus on the nation’s growth and unity. Only time will tell if President Tinubu’s confidence will translate into a reaffirmed victory.

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