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Controversy Surrounds President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Identity Following CSU Document B

In a startling revelation, a 32-page document from Chicago State University (CSU) described Nigeria’s sitting President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, as female in parts of its content. This information quickly went viral, sparking widespread reactions across the nation.

The document came to the public eye after CSU adhered to a United States court order. The court instructed CSU to release the academic records of Nigeria’s President to former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar. On Saturday, CSU made these records available, revealing that a student named ‘Bola A. Tinubu’ was identified as female.

Nigerians swiftly voiced their opinions on social media. Many highlighted discrepancies in the document, while others expressed their belief that these revelations wouldn’t pose a significant threat to President Tinubu’s position.

Twitter user @firstladyship raised concerns about the academic details: “The Academic Records released by Chicago State University indicated that the “Bola Tinubu” admitted had graduated from Government College, Lagos. VERDICT: Government College Lagos was founded in 1974. Claiming graduation in 1970 is fraudulent!”

A more sensational claim came from @von_Bismack, who tweeted: “Breaking: it’s confirmed that the Bola Tinubu attending CSU was a woman. Your president stole a woman’s identity.”

However, some felt the issue wouldn’t shake Tinubu’s political stronghold. Legal practitioner @InibeheEffiong tweeted about the deteriorating state of Nigeria’s political climate: “Ours is a country with little national consciousness. Conscience and morality are sidelined in our public and political life. Even if a politician commits a crime in broad daylight, many will defend them.”

Amid the controversy, some questioned President Tinubu’s true identity. User hardewuzy asked: “Who is BOLA AHMED TINUBU??? The supposed number 1 of a country is having an identity crisis.”

Others wondered why the information wasn’t used as evidence against Tinubu earlier. officialose_007 questioned: “Why didn’t Pdp and Labour Party approach the court with this evidence before the election?”

Calls for official statements from the ruling party, APC, were made by @TheSerahIbrahim: “If we don’t get an official statement from APC by tomorrow condemning the forgery and fraud of Tinubu, then the APC members are conniving disgraceful cowards.”

Several Nigerians are also calling out the media and judiciary. @Ohijeme commented: “They have bought over the media just like they captured the judiciary. Lies and propaganda have started flying, but this time we will match them with facts. TINUBU cannot remain as the president of Nigeria.”

Interestingly, @BOGbadams shared a personal account that seems to contradict the academic records of President Tinubu: “I attended GCL from 1978 to 1981. I witnessed the first set’s graduation in 1979. Bola Ahmed Tinubu was not among them.”

In light of these startling revelations and the tumultuous reactions of Nigerians, the country awaits an official response. The question remains: will this revelation significantly impact President Tinubu’s political future or will it fade into the backdrop of Nigeria’s complex political tapestry? Only time will tell.

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