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Chicago State University Releases President Tinubu’s Academic Records: A Deep Dive

Chicago State University Releases President Tinubu’s Academic Records: A Deep Dive

Chicago, IL: The Chicago State University (CSU) has disclosed the academic records of President Bola Tinubu to Atiku Abubakar, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate. This release came in response to an order by Nancy Maldonado, a federal judge of the US district court for the northern district of Illinois.

Upon reviewing the records, many news outlets have reported that these documents verify the authenticity of President Tinubu’s academic certificates. To provide clarity on this matter, three primary claims about President Tinubu were investigated.

Claim 1: President Tinubu’s Attendance at CSU Verification: Analysis of the 32-page document from CSU reveals that the university management does confirm Tinubu’s attendance. It also indicates that a replacement certificate for Tinubu was issued on June 27, 1997. There were noticeable differences between Tinubu’s replacement certificate and the original certificates of other 1979 students. However, they are similar to the replacement certificates from 1998 and 1999.

A closer examination raised questions regarding the absence of the year ‘1867’ under the logo on Tinubu’s certificate. Another observation is the inclusion of the words ‘With Honours’ on Tinubu’s certificate, a term not seen in the provided samples from CSU. Conclusion: The CSU documents do confirm that Tinubu attended the university. However, discrepancies in the replacement certificate raise questions about its origin.

Claim 2: President Tinubu’s Gender During University Attendance Verification: Records from CSU confirm that a male student named Bola Tinubu attended the institution. The 1977 admission letter from CSU addressed him as ‘Mr’, and his undergraduate admission application indicated the gender as male. Interestingly, another document, the Southwest College certificate, lists Tinubu’s sex as female. Conclusion: The CSU confirms that a male named Bola Tinubu attended the institution. The gender discrepancy on the Southwest College certificate could be a typographical error or suggest inconsistencies in the documents.

Claim 3: President Tinubu’s Age Verification: Officially, President Tinubu is 71 years old with a birthdate listed as March 29, 1952, in the records provided to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). However, academic records released by CSU show a birthdate of March 29, 1954, implying an age of 69. Another document, the undergraduate admissions application, states a birthdate of March 29, 1955, suggesting an age of 68 in 2023. Conclusion: There are discrepancies in the stated birth years of President Tinubu, leading to confusion regarding his exact age.

Overall Verdict: The documents from CSU confirm President Bola Tinubu’s attendance at the university. Nevertheless, there are questions surrounding the authenticity of his replacement certificate, age, and some inconsistencies in provided records. Further verification may be required to reconcile these discrepancies.

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