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NADECO USA To Address Tinubu’s Certificate Controversy at World Press Conference


Chicago, October 20, 2023 – The National Democratic Coalition Organisations (NADECO USA) has announced its intention to host a World Press Conference at the Chicago City Hall, in its ongoing commitment to ensure the sustainable development of democratic values in Nigeria. The event is set to offer clarity regarding allegations surrounding Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and his alleged forged certificate from Chicago State University (CSU).

In a public statement released on Thursday, NADECO USA’s Publicity Secretary, Comrade David Adenekan, emphasized the organization’s objective in facilitating the press event. The press conference, dubbed “Historic,” aims to provide an avenue for journalists and the international community to probe and extract information related to the allegations against President Tinubu.

“This Historic Press Conference will offer a rare occasion to illuminate the alleged certificate forgery by Nigeria’s President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, from Chicago State University,” Adenekan remarked. The announcement underscores the significance of this event, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, 23rd October 2023, at 9:45 am.

Further elaborating on the mission, NADECO USA’s statement highlighted that the conference is a platform to clarify “mind-boggling questions” related to the alleged forged certificate. This initiative is two-fold: firstly, to uphold the reputation and integrity of Chicago State University, and secondly, to protect the credibility of numerous law-abiding Nigerians residing abroad.

The organization, which has continually vouched for the power of transparent journalism, is relying on the International Press to bring to light any hidden facts. By doing so, NADECO USA hopes to dispel rumors and present the truth behind the alleged certificate forgery.

“We trust in the investigative capacity of the global press community. If there are concealed truths, we believe they should be uncovered for the world to see,” Adenekan expressed in the announcement.

Chicago City Hall, renowned as the “Citadel of Democracy” in Abraham Lincoln’s state, stands as an emblematic location for such an event. The forthcoming World Press Conference further testifies to NADECO USA’s dedication to democratic values and its drive to root out corruption.

Endorsing the instrumental role of the press, the organization stated, “NADECO USA, with its unwavering belief in the freedom and authority of the media, will ensure the International Press uncovers any concealed facts, revealing them for the global community.”

This initiative by NADECO USA is more than just a fact-finding mission. It’s a testament to their dedication to cleanse Nigeria’s leadership from the stain of corruption and to work towards a brighter, transparent future. The press conference aims not only to address the alleged forgery but also to bolster the public’s faith in their leaders and institutions.

As NADECO USA’s statement poignantly concludes, “The struggle to save Nigeria from corrupt and bad leaders must continue,” reflecting the organization’s unwavering commitment to Nigeria’s democratic growth and its opposition to corruption at all levels.

In a time where truth and transparency are paramount, the world will be keenly watching as the events unfold at the Chicago City Hall on the 23rd of October.

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