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AfroPop and SOB’s Join Forces for a Spectacular Night of Celebration

AfroPop Worldwide and Sounds of Brazil to Mark their Milestones Together
AfroPop Worldwide and Sounds of Brazil to Mark their Milestones Together

New York, NY – Excitement is in the air as AfroPop Worldwide and Sounds of Brazil ( SOB’s), a renowned live music venue, come together to celebrate major milestones – 35 years of AfroPop Worldwide and 40 years of SOB’s. This extraordinary event promises a night of unforgettable music and cultural immersion, and it’s all happening on Friday, November 10th, 2023, at SOB’s located at 204 Varick St., NY.

For music enthusiasts, this event is a dream come true. AfroPop Worldwide and have been at the forefront of promoting African and Afro-Caribbean music and culture for over three decades. Their dedication to showcasing the rich tapestry of rhythms, melodies, and traditions from the African continent has made them legendary in the music world.

The highlight of the evening is the performance by the legendary Samba Mapangala, the Congolese soukous star, whose music has touched the hearts of millions. Joining him on stage are some special guests who will undoubtedly elevate the energy in the room. Jaja Bashengezi, Ngouma Lokito, and Nkumu Katalay will be gracing the stage with their incredible talents.

Nkumu Katalay, a favorite among many, will be there to enchant the audience with his unique blend of Rumbianfunk . Fans can get their tickets at SOB’s official website to ensure they don’t miss the opportunity to see Nkumu Katalay live in action.

The doors to this magical night open at 6:30 pm, and the music mix will be masterfully curated by Di Henri from As the beats fill the air, the audience will be transported on a musical journey that transcends borders and brings the spirit of Africa and the Caribbean to New York City.

The festivities don’t end with the live performances. After the show, the party continues with the Caribbean Friday Dance Party, which will keep the energy high from 11:00 p.m. to 4 a.m. It’s a chance for attendees to dance the night away to the pulsating rhythms of the Caribbean, making it a night to remember.

To be a part of this historic celebration, make sure to secure your tickets in advance. You can call 212-243-4940 or visit SOB’s official website at With a lineup like this and the reputation of AfroPop Worldwide and SOB’s, tickets are expected to sell out fast.

Let’s make this celebration unforgettable. Share the news with your friends and fellow music enthusiasts. Join us on November 10th, 2023, at SOB’s, and be a part of a momentous celebration that fuses cultures and celebrates the enduring power of music. Use the hashtags #AfroPopWorldwide, #AfroPop35Years, #SOBs40Years, #LiveMusic, and #NkumuKatalay to spread the word and be a part of the conversation. Don’t miss this chance to experience the magic of AfroPop Worldwide and SOB’s in their prime. It’s a night that promises to be legendary.

AfroPop Worldwide and Sounds of Brazil to Mark their Milestones Together

AfroPop Worldwide and Sounds of Brazil to Mark their Milestones Together

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