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Group wants African leaders to come of age

The Visioner of Handlifters Praying Group , Pastor Chinyere Adegboye

The Visioner of Handlifters Praying Group , Pastor Chinyere Adegboye

The Visioner of Handlifters Praying Group , Pastor Chinyere Adegboye and other members of the group have called for a paradigm shift in the minds of African leaders.  They charged Africans to rise up and put an end to colonial mentality and inferiority complex that is pulling back the hands of the clock of Africa’s development.

Speaking  during this year Handlifters  Prayer Group Annual Prayer Conference Fundraising and Book launch in Lagos. She said:

“We don’t have to make ourselves inferior to the colonial masters. Africa must come of age.  There are some things God cannot give to you if you are not of age. God cannot give you the vehicle of the destiny of Africa to drive when you have not come of age.” She said that the group will continue to pray until Africa is liberated from the grip of colonial masters.

Adegboye who also launched a booklet titled: “Wisdom Win Word” said that she has discovered that we cannot go far in life without wisdom.

“Wisdom is what wins everything in life. Wisdom makes you to be focus. If you must be great in this world you must have wisdom.  Intelligence and wisdom are like sister and brother. It is wisdom that be will make you to be intelligent. You can be intelligent but if you don’t have wisdom, it can’t really work.”

Handlifters Prayer Group

Handlifters Prayer Group

Her husband Pastor John Adegboye who spoke on the theme: “Africa Has Come of Age”said: “It is high time we changed our mentality. Africa has come of age when we begin to change our attitudes. That is when you begin to see the emergency of a new Nigeria.”

He said that there cannot be a new Nigeria until we have a new Nigerians. There cannot be a new Africa until we have a new Africans.”

Mrs Rafiat Saka said that what we all need to know is that our character is our religion. “I am so glad when Pastor Adegboye said that we are not African because we are black.  We can do better things without looking at the colour of our skin because our hearts have no black spot in it except you are evil.”

Rev Juliet Binitie said that the programme is meant to steer up a prophetic agenda for Africa. “Right now we need men and women that will rise up.  We don’t have time for lethargy anymore, we don’t want leaders who are milking us dry anymore.”

Pastor Cyril Okorafor  promised to find time to be committed to the programme of Handlifters because it is what we need in Africa. “I don’t want to limit it to Nigeria. We need them in prayers, in vision and in other things. That will transform our environment for a better society.”

Ukabi Kings said that Nigerians should allow the humanity in them to wake up. “The wisdom that you find in the book is exeptional. It will be like my constitution where I would have to look at it day by day.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Awesome 👍
    Africa has indeed come of Age!
    Our African leaders should brace up, and take responsibility restructure our African Continent.

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