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Doings Get Levels”: Footballer Memphis Depay Gifts Davido Rolex Wristwatch at 30th Birthday Party.



By Grace Chigbu


In a display of camaraderie and generosity, Dutch football sensation Memphis Depay marked his 30th birthday with an extravagant celebration on February 13, 2024, in Spain. Among the esteemed guests at the soirée was none other than Nigerian music icon Davido, whose presence added a touch of stardom to the occasion.


Memphis Depay, known for his prowess on the football field as a star player for Atletico Madrid, spared no expense in commemorating his milestone age. However, it was not just the lavish setting or the celebrity attendees that made headlines but a heartwarming exchange between the birthday boy and Davido that stole the spotlight.


As captured in a video shared on Instagram by @billie_adeleke and subsequently circulated on various social media platforms, the moment when Memphis Depay presented Davido with a brand new Rolex wristwatch encapsulated the essence of their friendship and mutual respect. The gesture, captured in its entirety, showcased the genuine bond between the footballer and the music sensation.


For Davido, who is no stranger to the limelight and extravagant gestures himself, receiving such a prestigious gift from Depay undoubtedly held special significance. The Rolex wristwatch, synonymous with luxury and sophistication, served as a tangible token of their camaraderie and shared moments of celebration.


The exchange between the two stars resonated deeply with fans and followers across the globe, eliciting an outpouring of admiration and goodwill. Beyond the glitz and glamour, the gesture symbolized the power of friendship transcending boundaries of nationality and profession.


In an era where social media dominates the narrative, the video documenting Depay’s heartfelt gift to Davido swiftly went viral, garnering widespread attention and acclaim. The hashtag #DoingsGetLevels emerged as a testament to the significance of the moment, encapsulating the sentiment that genuine acts of kindness and generosity resonate far beyond their immediate context.


Both Memphis Depay and Davido embody the spirit of excellence and achievement in their respective fields, and their camaraderie serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness of talent and creativity on a global scale. Their interaction at Depay’s birthday celebration underscored the power of collaboration and mutual admiration in fostering meaningful connections.


As the world continues to navigate the complexities of a rapidly evolving landscape, moments of genuine connection and generosity serve as beacons of hope and inspiration. Memphis Depay’s gesture towards Davido exemplifies the importance of celebrating milestones and forging bonds that transcend borders and boundaries.


In the realm of sports and entertainment, where rivalries often dominate headlines, the friendship between Memphis Depay and Davido stands as a shining example of unity and solidarity. Their exchange serves as a reminder that, regardless of fame or fortune, genuine gestures of appreciation and friendship hold immeasurable value.


As the video capturing Memphis Depay’s birthday gift to Davido continues to circulate, it serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of genuine acts of kindness.


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