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Senator Ajagunnla Olubiyi Fadeyi, Urges National Dialogue as Economic Crisis Deepens


In the midst of a worsening cost of living crisis and rising insecurity plaguing Nigeria, Senator Ajagunnla Olubiyi Fadeyi, representing Osun Central, has issued a clarion call to President Bola Tinubu, urging for immediate action through a national stakeholders engagement forum aimed at addressing the pressing challenges facing the nation.


While acknowledging President Tinubu’s efforts in providing palliatives to Nigerians, Senator Fadeyi expressed concerns over the effectiveness of the relief efforts, noting that they are not reaching the intended beneficiaries. In an exclusive conversation with The Punch, the Peoples Democratic Party Senator emphasized the urgency for leaders to come together and tackle the escalating issues.


“The situation in the country has reached a critical juncture where decisive actions are imperative,” Senator Fadeyi stated. “As representatives of our people, we are acutely aware of the hardships faced by the masses, whether it’s the skyrocketing cost of living, growing insecurity, or the impact of economic policies on inflation.”


Highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach, Senator Fadeyi proposed a non-political, frank dialogue led by President Tinubu himself. “A national stakeholders engagement is paramount at this juncture,” he emphasized. “Concrete steps must be outlined to address the most urgent challenges confronting our nation.”


Among the issues raised by Senator Fadeyi is the necessity to review the implementation of policies such as the removal of petrol subsidy and exchange rate unification, which seem to have exacerbated the economic hardships faced by Nigerians. While the government has promised relief, the situation remains dire for many citizens.


In advocating for courageous decisions, Senator Fadeyi suggested the possibility of reversing certain policies to alleviate the burden on the populace. “If it requires reversing the subsidy removal policy, so be it! We must prioritize the well-being of our citizens and explore alternatives to ease their suffering,” he asserted.


While acknowledging that there are no quick fixes to the complex challenges facing the nation, Senator Fadeyi stressed the importance of decisive actions to prevent further deterioration. “We cannot expect instant solutions, but we must act decisively to prevent the situation from worsening,” he remarked.

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