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Igbo Community Accuses High Commission of Disregarding Court Decision

Louis Uchegbu Okorie, President of Igbo Community in Ghana
Louis Uchegbu Okorie, President of Igbo Community in Ghana

The Igbo Community in Ghana (ICG) is accusing the Nigerian High Commission Ghana of a blatant disregard of a court’s decision regarding the inauguration of the All Nigerian Community Ghana (ANC).

The group feels being unjustifiably denied of their position as a recognized constituent community of the ANC.

According to leadership of the Igbo Community of Ghana, it had always being recognized as one of the four constituent communities of the All Nigerian Community Ghana and fully fulfilled all responsibilities until it was their turn to nominate persons for respective leadership roles at the ANC.

The group says even though the practice at ANC regarding leadership was supposed to be rotational between the Arewa, Igbo, South South and Yoruba Communities. However, just when it is the turn of the Igbo Community to rightfully take their position, another group showed up to represent the Igbo Community, prompting a court action.

Louis Uchegbu Okorie, President of Igbo Community in Ghana at a press conference said that even though leadership of the ANC re-recognized the group and even requested for nominees for the ANC’s leadership role, it made a u-turn and instead dealing with another group claiming to represent the Igbo’s even though the Accra Circuit Court 9 rendered that group invalid.

As such members of the original Igbo group has been denied accreditation to the upcoming inauguration of the ANC and have also been denied their right of nominating candidates to fill respective positions at the ANC.

The group says the inaugural ceremony is deliberately organized to be held at the premises of the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana and even though the office of the High Commissioner has been prompted about the legal issues, it is hiding behind its immunity privileges to have the inauguration held.

The group is therefore calling on the Ghanaian and Nigerian government to intervene in order to avert any future misunderstandings as it has sworn not to recognize any persons that would be inaugurated as leaders of the ANC.

However, the All Nigerian Community Ghana has rejected claims that it is deliberately denying the Igbo Community their rights. According to General Secretary of the ANC Chief Akintola Bolanle who spoke to Metro News, the ANC had been left with no options but to go ahead with the planned inauguration as a result of internal wrangling within the Igbo community which has stagnated affairs at the ANC for over three years.

He says even though several steps have been taken to settle the impasse one of the factions within the Igbo community appears to be adamant.

Louis Uchegbu Okorie, President of Igbo Community in Ghana

Louis Uchegbu Okorie, President of Igbo Community in Ghana

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