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Lagos Calabar Coastal Road: Residents of Ilasan Housing Estate rendered homeless

Lagos Calabar Coastal Highway
Lagos Calabar Coastal Highway

Lagos Calabar Coastal Road: Residents of Ilasan Housing Estate rendered homeles

Residents say they were caught unaware by the demolition

The Representative of Etiosa Constituency in Lagos State House of Assembly Honourable. Noheem Adams recently prevented a breakdown of law from happening in Ilasan Housing Estate as the catapillar that was meant to destroy the Ghana School to pave way for the Lagos Calabar costal road crossed the line into the estate to start demolition some of the structures.
He called an emergency meeting with the elders of the community during which he assured them that he has called on the appropriate authorities before they later stopped the demolition of illegal structures in the estate.
He assured the residents to sue for peace while all steps are being taking to resolve it the issue concerning the demolition which has affected so many people in the estate who were caught off guard.
Many of the affected people were seen carrying their loads to the express road to Ajah to create the attention of the government to what is happening in the estate.
One of the representatives of the estate Mr Andrew Oretan said that the people affected have no where to go as they have no option than to start living on the express road.
He told their representative in the Lagos State House of Assembly that the people affected were caught off guard.
The President of Ilasan Housing Estate Landlords Association Oluwaseyi Orioye also regretted the demolition of three blocks of flats in Ilasan Housing Estate following the demolition of Ghana School an extension of the estate .
Speaking concerning the development he said that block no 350,351 and 349 were erroneously demolished by the Lagos state task force before the Lagos House of Assembly asked them to stop the demolition.
He recalled that officials of the Lagos State Physical Planning, came to the estate without informing the leaders of their action or threat to the emergency structures.

Chairman of the concerned Landlord Association in Ghana School community, Richard Akinfosoye said that there was no prior notice to the demolition. He said that he just heard a sudden information on a Monday morning that demolition will start.

”Some police officers just came and started the supervision of demolishion of the shanties part of the community according to what the task force chairman Mr Jejeloye said”
He admitted that some people were paid N150,000 but about N1.5 to N2million would be needed to compensate the victims.

The Chairman of Ilasan Jakande Compensated Landlords Association Tunde Ariwayo said that those that were affected by the demolition of the government flats should submit their papers.
He said the legal protection under their lawyer Felix Morka extends to them.
Mr John Atiye said that
“We did not know that they are coming They did not give notice. The police just came here in the morning to say that we should be prepared for demolition and that was it.
“I cannot eat since morning. I am the owner of the structures and they did not give us any notice.
“We are all afraid at my age. I have hypertension. Some have gone to work before the demolition started. It was their neighbors that helped them to carry their luggage. What we heard is that they are going to destroy the Ghana School community to pave way for the coastal road. ”

Lagos Calabar Coastal Highway

Lagos Calabar Coastal Highway

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