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Nigeria and Tax – A Tale of Unfair Burden!!


Nigeria and Tax – A Tale of Unfair Burden!!

In reality, Nigeria’s tax rates are relatively low compared to other countries, even within Africa.
For freelancers, bloggers, and individuals dealing with foreign clients or transactions, Nigeria seems like a safe haven.

I often wonder why countries like the USA and UK charge taxes of 30% and above. A 30% tax means that if you earn $100, you’ll be charged $30 in taxes, leaving you with $70. While this may seem exorbitant, these countries have implemented measures to ensure a comfortable life and thriving businesses, justifying the high taxes they collect.

However, in Nigeria’s case, there’s a lack of support for those expected to pay taxes.

Despite the relatively low tax amount, it’s perceived as extortion.
Politicians and their allies use taxes paid by common traders to fund their lavish lifestyles instead of providing basic amenities.

The average Nigerian has never experienced the luxury of driving on good roads, and insecurity is rampant. With nothing working in favor of taxpayers, it’s unfair to subject them to taxes or even increase them.

In Nigeria, the government poses a significant risk factor for entrepreneurs.

A single individual can arbitrarily decide to tax citizens, perhaps to achieve personal financial goals.

During Buhari’s tenure, taxes were raised to 7.5%, and most of the collected taxes remain unaccounted for.

Life has become increasingly challenging, but the government seems indifferent.

Currently, we’re facing reckless taxation in various forms. Even beggars will be forced to pay taxes! It’s astonishing what we’re witnessing in this Emi lokan government.

Amidst all these, Nigerians seem to be unaware of their struggles.
Upon all the hardships, we focus on trivial matters like social media trends while our country burns.
There’s widespread hardship, and we’re dying, yet we choose not to act.

We’ll end up paying more taxes than the USA, UK, and other Western nations, with nothing to show for it. It’s only a matter of time before this happens. Emi lokan ✌️

✍️ Chinweizu Chukwuemeka.




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