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President Tinubu Inaugurates National Assembly Library

ABUJA – President Bola Tinubu inaugurated the new National Assembly Library and Resource Centre in Abuja on Wednesday. The library is named in his honor.

Before the inauguration, President Tinubu attended a special session of the National Assembly, where he made impromptu remarks. Earlier that day, he had signed the National Anthem Bill, 2024, into law at the Presidential Villa.

The President congratulated the legislators and Nigerians on the 25th anniversary of the country’s uninterrupted democracy. He expressed gratitude to the lawmakers for their dedication to building and sustaining democratic institutions.

“Our friends, old and new, to every Nigerian I say congratulations on 25 years of unbroken democracy,” Tinubu said. “You are the foremost leaders who speak for our people and have been at the forefront of this struggle.”

He emphasized the importance of the National Assembly, calling it a “hallowed chamber” that represents the nation’s commitment to freedom and unity.

“You sang out the latest national anthem, ‘Nigeria we hail thee’. This is our diversity, representing all people and how we pledge together to be brothers and sisters,” he said.

Tinubu also reflected on his journey to the presidency, noting his beginnings in the National Assembly. He stressed the need for self-reliance in building the nation. “No amount of aid from foreign countries can help us. Let us work together to build our nation, charting a new path,” he stated.

He called for the preservation and strengthening of democracy for future generations, ensuring that they will enjoy prosperity, progress, and development.

Senate President Godswill Akpabio praised President Tinubu’s visit as a sign of respect for the National Assembly. He also commended the decision to revert to the old national anthem, highlighting its significance in uniting the diverse Nigerian tribes.

“There is no more fitting place to take us back to our genealogy other than the National Assembly, which is made up of patriotic and elected citizens of Nigeria,” Akpabio said. “The voice of the National Assembly is the voice of Nigeria, so we welcome you.”

This inauguration marks a significant step in the continuous effort to uphold and advance Nigeria’s democratic values and institutions.

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