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One Year of Gov Kefas: A Year of Transformative Policies and Achievements

In his first year in office, Governor Kefas has implemented a range of transformative policies and initiatives across various sectors in Taraba State. His administration’s achievements span education, health, agriculture, human capital development, infrastructure, investment, and more, setting a foundation for sustained growth and development.

Governor Kefas has prioritized education, introducing free education for primary and secondary levels and reducing tertiary tuition by 50%. This has alleviated financial burdens on families and increased school enrollment rates. The administration has also focused on improving educational infrastructure, with new model schools built in all state zones and reconstructed university hostels. Teachers have benefited from enhanced training programs, and a panel has been established to address mismanagement in universities. Notably, a partnership with Finland aims to boost education funding and resources.

The health sector has seen significant improvements under Gov Kefas. Doctors’ salaries have been increased, work at the School of Nursing has resumed, and the abandoned Ussa General Hospital is undergoing accelerated development. The state has acquired more ambulances, and for the first time, Taraba boasts a teaching hospital, enhancing medical education and healthcare services.

In agriculture, the Kefas administration has provided more tractors, fertilizers, and pesticides to farmers, promoting mechanized farming. A comprehensive data capturing system for farmers and the establishment of a food security committee ensure efficient resource allocation and agricultural planning.

Gov Kefas has focused on human capital development, ensuring the prompt payment of salaries, improved remunerations, and the restoration of gratuities. Job opportunities in the ICT sector and various poverty alleviation programs have been introduced, alongside extensive training and refresher courses for workers.

Significant progress has been made in infrastructure, with major road projects underway, including Pamaga-Dakka, dual carriage in Jalingo, and several others. These projects aim to enhance connectivity and economic activities within the state.

The administration has made tremendous strides in attracting investors, engaging with countries like the UK, USA, Israel, Germany, India, China, and more. These partnerships span sectors from solid minerals to education and electricity.

Gov Kefas has ensured the largest representation of youth in Taraba’s history within his cabinet and has implemented policies to uplift and include them in governance. Women empowerment has also been a priority, with a record number of women in central leadership positions and significant roles in local governments.

The Kefas Palliatives Market, aimed at selling goods at discounted rates, and the reorganization of the TSTC to better serve the masses are key initiatives. Construction projects across the state, including the Tipper Garage and Danbaba Suntai Airport, are expected to create jobs and reduce dependency on white-collar employment.

The administration has provided Medicare and cars to royal fathers and undertaken palace renovations. Judicial reforms include improved welfare packages for workers and the renovation of judicial offices, enhancing transparency and justice delivery.

Gov Kefas has strengthened security with new gadgets, vehicles, and periodic meetings with stakeholders. Environmental efforts include climate change awareness, tree planting campaigns, and partnerships with global initiatives like COP28 and the UN Forum on Forests.

Efforts in the solid minerals sector include cracking down on illegal mining and attracting licensed miners. Tourism has been revitalized with the restoration of the Nwonyo Fishing Festival and development projects aimed at boosting the Mambilla Plateau’s appeal.

Weekly meetings with commissioners, improved working conditions, and civil service reforms reflect Gov Kefas’s commitment to good governance. Local government administration has been bolstered through the election of chairmen and enhanced funding for security and development initiatives.

Governor Kefas’s first year has been marked by significant achievements across multiple sectors, laying a robust foundation for Taraba State’s future.

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