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Hon.Chimaobi Atu Deserve’s Accolades for His Vast Accomplishments in 1Year-Uba

Hon. Chimaobi Atu
Hon. Chimaobi Atu

In the realm of Nigerian politics, where the landscape is often fraught with challenges, one individual has risen above the fray, demonstrating remarkable dedication and leadership in just one year as a representative member. Its not surprising that Hon. Chimaobi Atu has hit the ground running from the start and  accomplished so much in less than his first 365 days in office, this is because he is well prepared for the job and is a visionary with a great passion for easing the burden of inequality in his constituency.

Grading of Rural and Semi-Rural Roads

A standout feature of Hon. Atu’s tenure has been his commitment to infrastructure development, particularly in the grading of rural and semi-rural roads within his constituency. Notable projects include the Ndafuafa-Obeagu link Road, Maryland Estate-Monarch-Ndiagu Amechi Road, Methodist Church-Isiagu Ugwuaji Road, Obeagu Community Road, among others.

Activities in the House: Motions, Petitions, Bills, and Committees

Hon. Atu’s contributions extend beyond mere rhetoric, as evidenced by his proactive engagement within the House of Representatives. Notably, he made history by presenting the first motion of the 10th National Assembly, addressing the dire effects of gully erosion. Subsequent motions and petitions have tackled issues ranging from security concerns to critical infrastructure needs, showcasing his unwavering advocacy for his constituents.

In a remarkable display of legislative prowess, Hon. Atu has sponsored thirteen quality and people-oriented bills aimed at addressing various societal challenges. These bills span a wide spectrum of issues, including healthcare, education, infrastructure, and environmental protection.

Bills Sponsored so far

  1. Federal Medical Centre, Ugwaju Awkunanaw, Enough State Second Reading.
  2. Federal College of Entrepreneurship and Skills Acquisition established Bill, 2023. First Reading
  3. Establishment of the Nigerian Military Academy Bill, 2013. First Reading.
  4. A Bill for an Act to Repeal the Nigerian Coal Corporation Act. First Reading
  5. A Bill for an Act to provide for the establishment of the Erosion Control Prevention Commission, Enugu 2023. First Reading
  6. A Bill for an Act to establish the National Football Academy, Enugu 2023. First Reading.
  7. A Bill for an Act to Amend the Mineral and Mining, Act CAP M12 LFN
  8. A Bill for an Act to Repeal the Nuclear Safety and Radiation protection, Act No 119 of 1995
  9. National Emergency Management Agency Act(Amendment) Bill 2023. First Reading
  10. National Directorate of Employment Act(Amendment) Bill, 2023. First Reading
  11. Federal College of Nursing and Midwifery, Ugwaju, Enugu State. First Reading
  12. A Bill for an Act to Repeal the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission, Act CAP N117, Law of the Federation.
  13. A Bill for an Act to Provide for the Health Equipment Credit Guarantee Fund and the other matters connected here with, 2023. First Reading

Committees and Constituency Relationship

Hon. Atu’s influence extends beyond legislative chambers, as he has been appointed to key committees within the House of Representatives. His role as Chairman of the House Parliamentary Friendship Group between Nigeria and the Republic of Greece underscores his commitment to fostering international relations.

Moreover, Hon. Atu’s dedication to serving his constituents is evident through his accessible and inclusive approach to governance. He maintains an open-door policy, actively engaging with constituents both in Enugu and Abuja. His responsiveness to feedback and willingness to address community concerns have earned him widespread admiration and support.

Youth Empowerment

In a bid to empower youth and foster economic growth, Hon. Atu, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, has announced a call for business proposals aimed at training and empowering young individuals in chemical product production and marketing. To be eligible, applicants must not be more than 25 years and must be a resident of Enugu State. This initiative reflects his proactive approach to youth empowerment and economic development within his constituency.

He also initiated the training and empowerment of SS3Students and fresh school leavers in Enugu and South federal constituency which is coming up later this month a 4 day programme that will commence on the 14th of May to end on the 18th of May  at PPSM New Hall Adjacent NTA Enugu.

Sports Development and Talent Hunt

As part of his campaign promise to develop grassroots sports and discover talents for the international stage Hon.Chimaobi Atu organised and sponsored Coal City under 15 tournament, where 16 registered teams participated,in October the same team that won the Coal city under 15 Tournament represented Enugu State at the National School under 15 Football Championship in Abuja and went ahead to emerge as the champions of the tournament. From Abuja the team moved to the Continental School under 15 tournament in Togo where they displayed rare talents, discipline and elegance. The Enugu contingent that represented Nigeria came  third and Hon.Atu was with the team all the way.

Hon. Chimaobi Atu has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to his constituents. Through his legislative initiatives, infrastructure projects, and constituent engagement efforts, he has proven himself to be a true champion of the people. As he continues his tenure in the House of Representatives, his commitment to driving positive change remains unwavering, setting a commendable example for his peers in Nigerian politics.


Hon. Chimaobi Atu

Hon. Chimaobi Atu

Written by  Mr. Uba-Chinaka Stanley (Msc International Project Management) He is the  CEO Kinka Investment LTD a Real estate, Oil and Gas, trade and investments Company and also the CEO of Big Cat Security Services UK. He is the Executive Director of Eli-Asiize Global Investment Ltd. A Concerned Citizen and a constituent of Enugu North.


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