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Setting the Record Straight: Debunking False Accusations of My Involvement in Igbo Apology Endeavors

Rtd General Ihekire
Rtd General Ihekire

“Categorically Denouncing False Allegations: Major General CRU Ihekire (Rtd.) Sets the Record Straight”

It has come to my attention that there are allegations circulating regarding my involvement in an organization purportedly on a mission to apologize on behalf of the Igbo people. I, Major General CRU Ihekire (Rtd.), hereby categorically state that these claims are not only false but also malicious.

First and foremost, I want to emphasize that I have never been associated with any such organization. Additionally, I have never engaged in discussions regarding an apology for the events of January 15th, 1966. It is crucial to note that I did not participate in the said military coup, which involved officers and men from various regions, not solely the Igbo ethnic group.

The recent dissemination of these baseless accusations is deeply concerning. It is imperative to address these falsehoods promptly and unequivocally. Therefore, I caution individuals, groups, or organizations spreading such misinformation to cease and desist from using my name without authorization. Any attempt to lend credibility to these falsehoods through my identity will be met with appropriate legal action.

As a retired Major General with a distinguished service record, I take great pride in upholding the values of honesty, integrity, and accountability. Therefore, I urge the public to exercise discernment and critical thinking when confronted with unsubstantiated claims.

I want to reiterate that I have no affiliation with any organization seeking to apologize on behalf of the Igbo people. I remain committed to serving my community and country with honor and dignity.


Major General CRU Ihekire (Rtd.) OMC (Rwanda) JP, GSS, DSS, fdc(+) psc(+) MSc

Rtd General Ihekire

Rtd Major General Ihekire

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