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Calling for a War Council and Urgent Action to End Siege in Nigeria-Shettima


In a stirring address to the nation on Tuesday, Vice President Kashim Shettima sounded the alarm, warning of “forces hell-bent on pulling Nigeria down.” Amidst growing concerns over existential threats facing the country, Shettima underscored the urgent need for decisive action.


Highlighting the government’s response to these challenges, Shettima appealed for patience, emphasizing the necessity of “painful reforms” to address underlying issues. He pointed to a nexus of actors, including opposition politicians and smugglers, contributing to Nigeria’s present difficulties.


Addressing the root causes of the crisis, Shettima outlined the pervasive impact of smuggling activities, citing a recent interception of 45 trucks of maize destined for neighboring countries. This intervention led to a notable reduction in maize prices, underscoring the economic ramifications of unchecked illicit trade.


However, amidst these challenges lies a path to resolution. Shettima inadvertently identified the critical role of effective governance in combating the looming crisis. He called for intensified efforts to enforce border security and curb illicit activities, stressing the imperative of governmental action in safeguarding national interests.


With Nigeria standing at a crossroads, besieged by insecurity, economic turmoil, and widespread disenchantment, the call for a unified response grows ever more urgent. The proposal for a War Council emerges as a beacon of hope, offering a strategic framework to navigate the multifaceted challenges confronting the nation.


Security remains paramount, with Boko Haram insurgency, banditry, and communal clashes threatening lives and livelihoods. A comprehensive security strategy, bolstered by improved intelligence gathering and community engagement, is imperative to restore stability.


Economic revitalization is equally essential, as runaway inflation and rising unemployment deepen socio-economic woes. Bold reforms, diversification efforts, and anti-corruption measures are indispensable to spur growth and alleviate poverty.


Addressing citizen disenchantment requires transparent governance, genuine dialogue, and accountability. Rebuilding trust necessitates concerted efforts to deliver on promises and foster national unity.


The proposed War Council, comprising diverse stakeholders from security, economy, civil society, and faith-based groups, offers a platform for coordinated action. Led by a respected figure, this non-partisan body would spearhead efforts to develop a holistic strategy, mobilize resources, and foster unity of purpose.


As Nigeria marshals local and international support, effective communication and resource mobilization are paramount. The government must lead by example, demonstrating transparency and commitment to addressing pressing challenges.


In the face of escalating crises, immediate action is imperative. A Security Summit involving all stakeholders must be convened to develop a comprehensive security strategy, while robust economic recovery measures and reconciliation efforts are urgently needed to chart a path forward.


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