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Westlands Kids Storytelling Competition to Hold Tomorrow

Westlands Kids Storytelling Competition
Westlands Kids Storytelling Competition

The importance of storytelling in the African community building, especially for children has been a source of imparting morals, critical thinking ability, and transfer of knowledge to Africa’s children from their adolescent years.

Ken Nyamweya ‘aka’ The Storyteller who is renowned for his use of Orutu and Ishiriri to tell stories especially to children and has participated in lots of events and activities organised by schools, international development organisations and non profits, to entertain and teach children via storytelling has created a storytelling competition for children in Kenya.

The Westlands Kids storytelling competition is aimed at encouraging children from 6 to 12 years to use the power of imagination and create stories in which the winner will go home with a prize.The event will take place at the Bottomline Hall Kangemi Kenya and will start by 9am on the 8th of Dcemeber 2023.

” The competition will be using images and creativity of our little ones to tell a story, best story tellers will be awarded. It will include all storytelling, African and Christianity or Islamic stories in different age categories. Children of 6 to 8 years will have their separate competition and those from 9-12 yrs will also have theirs “ Ken Nyamweya said

Elders in African societies use folktales to engage the imagination and reasoning of children from their budding years, making them aware of socio-cultural issues in their environment, the socio-moral laws and as well as build their behavioural pattern with stories using imaginative characters.

Sometimes these folktales have tragic ends to warn the children against certain actions and consequences of imbibing ill manners, some have blissful ends to encourage them to be resilient against the challenges of life with characters that braved all odds and emerged victorious.

The Westland Kids Storytelling competition is turning the table this time, as children will be the storytellers and elders will be listening to assess the power of their imagination and creativity. The event has All Africa Media Network as media partners and Friends of Ken Nyamweya like Abel Bingwa, Martin Chacha, Jane Wangui, Elvis Saturday have donated to the c

Westlands Kids Storytelling Competition

Westlands Kids Storytelling Competition


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