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AAG Women Soccer Final: Falconets to Play Ghana without Nigeria Supporters Club

Ghana vs Nigeria Final
Ghana vs Nigeria Final

Nigeria’s Falconets have soared into the final of the All Africa Games football event, defeating Uganda 2-0 on Monday. This victory puts them in prime position to defend their 2019 title, but their journey faces an unexpected hurdle–a lack of support from the Nigerian Football Supporters Club in Ghana.

The Falconets’ quest for gold might be hampered by a funding issue with the Nigerian Football Supporters Club in Ghana. The club, typically a vocal presence cheering on Nigerian teams ,regrets their absence as they revealed they will be unable to support the Falconets at the final with the adrenaline support needed for such ties, due to a lack of logistical support  from the High Commission in Ghana.


AAG Games Final

AAG Games Final


According to theNigeria Football Supporters Club Secretary-General,Khaliq Ademola Amao,the Acting High Commissioner, Ambassador Bakori Aliyu Usman, informed them in a meeting earlier in the year  during the Africa Cup of Nations held in Cote d’Ivoire that the High Commission is incapacitated to assist them  and couldn’t provide either logistical support or a letter of endorsement to help them raise funds for the trip to the  CAN final.

“The official letter and personal approach to the Nigeria High Commission was to get logistics or covering letter to participate in CAN hosted by Côte d’Ivoire just two months ago. His negative response  discouraged us from approaching him again for this tournament. The supporters club is responsible to support and cheer up Nigeria national football teams to victory in Ghana and her neighborhood. Its not a paid job but something we do for the love of the nation” Amao expressed disappointment.

The Football  Supporters Club plays a vital role in galvanizing support for Nigerian teams, they provide essential psychological support and contribute to the overall atmosphere and excitement of the game for the team, and their absence at the final will undoubtedly be felt, as they will not be there to cheer the Falconets to success.

This lack of support adds another layer of intrigue to the final which will see the Falconets face off against host nation Ghana on Thursday the 21st of March 2024. The two West African nations share a long-standing sporting rivalry and the absence of the Nigerian Supporters Club might dampen the atmosphere for the Falconets.

Despite the setback, the Falconets remain focused on their goal. They have a proven track record, having won the gold medal in 2019 and their determination to defend their title is unwavering. The team will undoubtedly draw strength from the unwavering support of Nigerians back home, even if the stands in Ghana might be a little quieter than usual.

Ghana vs Nigeria Final

Ghana vs Nigeria Final

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