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Video Sparks Speculation Over Ivorian Goalkeeper’s Alleged Use of Fetish Item

A video of Ivorian goalkeeper Yahia Fofana has ignited controversy online after he was seen wearing an unusual item, purportedly ‘Juju,’ during the AFCON final match against the Super Eagles.


The video, which surfaced online, depicts Fofana with a black material tied around his waist with a white rope, prompting speculation among viewers about its significance.


Netizens have been quick to suggest that the material might be associated with voodoo or juju, traditional West African spiritual practices believed to possess supernatural powers.


The controversy surrounding the video has led to widespread discussion among fans and observers, with many questioning whether such alleged rituals could have influenced the outcome of the AFCON finals.


However, it’s essential to note that Within Nigeria has not independently verified the authenticity of the video.


Reactions from Netizens


Reactions on social media have been mixed, with some expressing amusement and others voicing concern over the implications of the alleged use of juju in sports.


Keny David remarked, “Make everybody carry him own JuJu for Body… The person way get the strongest JuJu wins,” reflecting a sentiment shared by many online users.


Mr. Ok expressed little surprise, suggesting that such occurrences are not uncommon in the realm of African football.


Balogun Shola recalled a similar incident during a World Cup qualifier against Ghana, hinting at a broader pattern of alleged ritualistic practices in football.


Meanwhile, others like CHILD OF GRACE and Ogene Afrika questioned the authenticity of the video, highlighting the skepticism surrounding the incident.


The controversy has also sparked humorous responses, with users like GIFTED and Princewhite_chi joking about the use of juju in a relatively minor tournament like the AFCON and speculating about its potential role in future competitions.




While the video has generated significant buzz and speculation, the veracity of the claims regarding the Ivorian goalkeeper’s alleged use of juju remains unconfirmed. Nevertheless, the incident underscores the cultural significance and debates surrounding traditional spiritual practices in the context of sports, particularly in African football.



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