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NBL To Increases Prices Of Star, Gulder, others

By Grace Chigbu


Nigerian Breweries PLC has set forth plans to adjust the prices of its popular beer products, effective Monday, February 19, 2024. The decision comes as a response to the mounting pressures of increased production costs, according to a notification issued by the company’s zonal business manager for the West, Lekan Awosanya, on Monday, February 12.


Mr. Awosanya emphasized the necessity of the price adjustment, citing the persistent rise in input costs as a driving factor. He highlighted the company’s commitment to offsetting these challenges to ensure sustainable operations.


The notification assured customers that existing open orders placed before the midnight deadline on Monday, February 19, would be fulfilled at the current prices, provided they are fully funded and documented within the system. However, any orders exceeding the specified quantity would be subject to the new pricing structure upon invoicing.


This move follows a previous price adjustment implemented by Nigerian Breweries PLC on August 10, 2023. Among the affected products are popular brands such as Heineken lager beer, Star lager beer, Gulder, Legend Extra Stout, and Goldberg, among others.


The announcement has sparked conversations among consumers and stakeholders, with many expressing concerns over the potential impact on consumer spending and market dynamics. Industry analysts anticipate varying reactions from consumers, distributors, and retailers in response to the price adjustments.


This latest development underscores the broader challenges facing businesses in Nigeria’s beverage industry, as they navigate economic uncertainties and fluctuating market conditions. Rising inflation, currency fluctuations, and supply chain disruptions continue to exert pressure on companies’ bottom lines, necessitating strategic adjustments to maintain competitiveness and viability.


As Nigerian Breweries PLC prepares to implement the price adjustments, stakeholders will closely monitor market dynamics and consumer behavior in the coming weeks. The company’s ability to effectively communicate the rationale behind the price changes and manage customer expectations will be crucial in navigating the evolving landscape of the beverage market.


For consumers, the impending price adjustments serve as a reminder of the broader economic realities shaping purchasing decisions. As prices of essential commodities continue to fluctuate, prudent financial planning and budget management become increasingly imperative for households across the country.


The announcement comes amidst a backdrop of other developments within the Nigerian business landscape, including recent legislative confirmations and law enforcement actions aimed at addressing various socio-economic challenges.


As stakeholders brace for the impact of the price adjustments, Nigerian Breweries PLC remains committed to delivering quality products and maintaining its position as a leading player in the Nigerian beverage industry.

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