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Kodion Energy Advocates for Modernizing Nigeria’s Energy Grid

By Grace Chigbu

Kodion Energy, a leading smart electricity and consulting firm, has called on Nigerian authorities to abandon the current national grid system in favor of micro-grid or smart grid structures. The CEO of Kodion Energy and Kodion Consulting, Joshua Okorie, emphasized during an online interaction with select journalists in Abuja that Nigeria’s power problems cannot be solved with the current grid arrangement, stressing the need for modernization.


Okorie, whose company operates in Nigeria, the US, and China, argued that Nigeria must embrace embedded power systems where each state can cater to its own energy needs. He highlighted the company’s capabilities, citing the construction of significant transformers in the US and plans to replicate such infrastructure in Nigeria.


“We need a factory in Enugu to power the things that we need to build our transformers,” Okorie stated, emphasizing the importance of local production and infrastructure development to support Nigeria’s energy sector.


Addressing the challenges faced by rural communities, Okorie underscored the urgent need for reliable electricity access, particularly in areas where over 76% of residents lack power. He emphasized the potential for Nigeria to lead in renewable energy, particularly solar, and highlighted his company’s commitment to providing uninterrupted power supply through advanced AI-enabled hybrid transformers.


Arguing for a shift towards micro-grid systems, Okorie pointed out that isolating grids allows for better understanding of failures and facilitates gradual transition to alternative energy sources. He cited examples from other countries, such as Texas in the US, where such systems have been successfully implemented.


Okorie expressed skepticism about the viability of Nigeria’s current national grid system, which he described as a relic of colonial-era infrastructure. He stressed the importance of embracing modern technologies and approaches to address the country’s energy challenges effectively.

Okorie urged the Nigerian government, investors, and stakeholders to join Kodion Energy in its transformative journey towards sustainable and reliable electricity access for all Nigerians. He emphasized the potential for economic growth and development through investment in renewable energy and local infrastructure, calling for collective action to propel Nigeria into a greener, cleaner future.



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