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Mass Prison Break: Over 100 Escape as Heavy Rain Ravages Nigerian Prison

Prison Break in Kogi State
Prison Break in Kogi State

More than 100 inmates have made a daring escape from a medium-security prison in Nigeria following the destruction caused by heavy rainfall, according to a press release issued by the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) on Thursday. The incident unfolded at the Medium Security Custodial Centres located in Suleja, Niger state, with a total of 118 prisoners absconding from the facility on Wednesday night. Despite the large number of escapees, the NCS reported that 10 of the fugitives have since been apprehended and are now back in custody.

The NCS revealed that the torrential downpour had wreaked havoc on sections of the prison infrastructure, as well as on surrounding buildings and the perimeter fence. Describing the affected areas as “old and weak,” the NCS highlighted that many parts of the facility date back to the colonial era, underscoring the challenges posed by aging infrastructure in the country’s correctional system. Despite the damage incurred, the NCS assured the public of its proactive measures to address the situation, urging citizens to continue their daily activities without fear or disruption.

Furthermore, the NCS issued a call to action for the public to assist in locating and reporting any suspicious movements of the escaped inmates to the nearest security agency. This collaborative effort between law enforcement and citizens aims to expedite the recapture of the remaining fugitives and ensure public safety.

The recent prison break adds to a series of similar incidents that Nigeria has witnessed in recent years, reflecting ongoing challenges within the country’s correctional system. In a high-profile jailbreak in 2022, over 300 inmates managed to flee after a Boko Haram militant raid on a prison in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja. Authorities disclosed that some members of the jihadist group detained in the facility capitalized on the chaos to orchestrate their escape.

Similarly, the preceding year saw more than 200 prisoners escaping from a correctional facility in Kogi State following an armed invasion that resulted in the tragic death of a police officer. The incident underscored the vulnerability of prison facilities to external threats and the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

Prior to the Kogi State breakout, Nigeria witnessed one of its largest prison escapes when over 2,000 inmates broke free during a coordinated attack on a correctional facility in southeastern Imo State. The assailants utilized explosives to breach the prison walls, leading to widespread chaos and a massive manhunt by law enforcement agencies.

In light of these recurring jailbreaks, Nigerian authorities are facing mounting pressure to bolster security measures within correctional facilities and address systemic vulnerabilities. The incidents serve as a stark reminder of the complex security challenges facing the country and the imperative to implement robust measures to safeguard both inmates and the broader public.

Prison Break in Kogi State

Prison Break in Kogi State

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